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Fengshen Cinematic Universe (Franchise Animasi Fengshen Yanyi)

Fengshen Cinematic Universe (Franchise Animasi Fengshen Yanyi)

Film Pertama Ne Zha

Film Kedua Jiang Ziya

The upcoming sequel to China's biggest film release of 2019 — fantasy animation Ne Zha — is heading to North America.

Well Go USA Entertainment will release Jiang Ziya, the second in a series of planned films from Beijing Enlight Pictures, in U.S. theaters Feb. 7.

Like its predecessor, Jiang Ziya is loosely based on the classic novel Investiture of the Gods (also known as Fengshen Yanyi), one of the most beloved and familiar texts in China. The sequel is the next step in what Beijing Enlight is calling its "Fengshen Cinematic Universe."

The studio's plans for the franchise got off to a roaring start in China with the release of Ne Zha in July 2019. Written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker Yang Yu (aka Jiao Zi), Ne Zha became China's blockbuster of the summer, earning a historic $720 million. It is China's second-highest earning film of all time, behind only Wolf Warrior 2.

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