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WUHAN Rememberable

I first arrived in Wuhan on the 19th of December. Everything seemed okay. It was late at night when I arrived at China University of Geosciences (CUG), the place I would be spending the next 11 days. I met a few Indonesians studying at CUG, I hope they’re doing okay now. I think nCoV-2019 may have already existed at that point. Onto the 20th, I got to go out and walk around the campus. The campus, just like Wuhan itself, was very lively. I would see crowds of people in the campus’ cafeteria/canteen to eat breakfast every 7am. And on the 21st I got to have a chance to look around outside the campus. I think we’d gone to the Hubei Provincial Museum and East Lake that day. Nonetheless, Wuhan seemed very lively, nothing like the ghost town we see today. I think I also started to get sick on the 25th, after coming back from a shopping street. It was nothing serious, just a common cold I think. My cold only got worse the next morning, I started burning up and my I was coughing a lot. This cold lasted a few more days after coming back to Indonesia. And because of my condition, I didn’t really get to go out a lot. Most of my days were spent in my dorm room. Cut to the 30th, it was time for me to go home. From the bus windows, I got to take my last glimpse of Wuhan. There were so many people on the streets and cars everywhere. Once I reached the airport, I said my goodbyes to the people I met there and headed back home. I couldn’t imagine if the outbreak was rampant at that time. I would’ve been stuck in Wuhan because of my cold symptoms. That’s all for my experience in Wuhan.

[14 y.o] - International Student Winter Camp - China University of Geosciences WUHAN (December 2019)


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