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Tips for Resolve Lag When Playing LifeAfter Mobile on Android

Tips for Resolve Lag When Playing LifeAfter Mobile on Android

How to Overcome Lag When Playing LifeAfter on Android

The LifeAfter Mobile game is one of the most popular games on Playstore, this game has been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users from all over the world. The smartphone specifications for playing LifeAfter are 2Gb / 16Gb, but it is recommended to use a smartphone with 4GB RAM / 64GB RAM and 6GB RAM / 128GB RAM.

But not everyone has a smartphone that is recommended, therefore there are still many LifeAfter players who complain and are eager to overcome the lag / broken when playing the game LifeAfter Mobile, right?

No need to worry, thank the application called QuickEdit, because this application can be used to overcome lag when playing LifeAfter mobile games during Raid camp, Nancy, Zombie Invasion, or when CTC (Charles Town Clash), by changing the graphics and FPS settings- then push your smartphone to reach its maximum limit. Do you want to know how? Like this how to install and use:

How to Install the QuickEdit application on Android :

1. Download the QuickEdit application through the Play Store.
2. Open the Application and give the necessary permissions

How to use this application:

Open QuickEdit apk

Click on icon folder

Select open

And then choose from internal memory

Next select com.netease.mrzhna

And select folder netease > g66 > documents

Select config

Next select file qualityconfig

In this step we will edit the value of your game file resolution

In that pict, find the value of resolution and you can choose the value from 0.3 - 1

If you choose 0.3 you will use the lowest resolution and your game will looks like minecraft game.

Just using 0.4 - 0.6 to run smooth your playgame to get better experience while playing LifeAfter.

That is the tips how to resolve the lag when playing LifeAfter with third party aplication called QuickEdit.

If you have another tips, please share with us in the column discus. Thanks

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