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Yoga Teacher Training Hong Kong

Yoga Teacher Training Hong Kong

Yoga Teacher Training Hong Kong - The Yoga Room offers classes for kids - perfect for them to learn breathing techniques, increase their attention and concentration spans and for developing strong and lean bodies.

Practicing yoga during and after pregnancy is a great way to nurture yourself and your baby. The Yoga Room offers DAILY Prenatal Yoga / Pilates and Postnatal Yoga in Sheung Wan, allowing mums-to-be to create strength, focus and flexibility through a gentle practice with your own schedule each week.
Once baby is born, The Yoga Room also offers Mum & Baby classes to meet other mums and babies while you strengthen and support post-partum body with specifically chosen asanas and sequences.
Alternatively, if you're looking to practice on a one-to-one basis, give us a call to work something out either in the studio or at a convenient location to you. For corporate clients, our teams are knowledgeable about the challenges and pressures that employees have to endure in a city environment like Hong Kong. For this reason, we carefully craft personalized solutions that fit any company size, while giving companies the best ROI.

Wellness programs within companies' headquarters have become a strategic advantage, contributing to higher employee retention and overall employee satisfaction. We are very honored to work with many companies in Hong Kong, from Forbes 500 to small and medium.

Our commitment to service quality, innovation and out of the box thinking results in experiences that your company employees and clients will never forget.

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