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AS & Jerman Memata Matai Berbagai Negara Menggunakan Mesin Enkripsi Swiss

AS & Jerman Memata Matai Berbagai Negara Menggunakan Mesin Enkripsi Swiss

Swiss machines 'used to spy on governments for decades'
6 hours ago

AS & Jerman Memata Matai Berbagai Negara Menggunakan Mesin Enkripsi SwissImage captionSwiss company Crypto made CX-52 encryption machines
US and German intelligence services secretly gathered the classified communications of governments for decades through secret control of an encryption company, reports say.
Swiss firm Crypto AG supplied encoding devices to more than 120 governments from the Cold War era up to the 2000s.
But the spies reportedly rigged the devices so they could crack the codes and read the messages.
They harvested secrets from countries including Iran, India and Pakistan.
The highly-classified programme between the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Germany's BND Federal Intelligence Service has been detailed in reports by US newspaper the Washington Post, German broadcaster ZDF and Swiss channel SRF.
The outlets gained access to a classified internal CIA history that called the operation the "intelligence coup of the century".
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How the NSA and GCHQ spied on the Cold War world

In the 1980s, roughly 40% of foreign communications processed by US intelligence officials had been supplied through Crypto's machines.
The company made millions of dollars in profits that went to the CIA and BND.
"Foreign governments were paying good money to the US and West Germany for the privilege of having their most secret communications read by at least two (and possibly as many as five or six) foreign countries," wrote a report by the CIA into the operation.
The operation enabled the US to monitor Iranian officials during the 1979 hostage crisis, as well as feed intelligence to Britain about Argentina's military during the Falklands War, according to the Washington Post.
Russia and China never trusted the machines, and did not use them.
Swedish firm Crypto International, formed after part of the original company was acquired by an investor in 2018, said it had "no connections to the CIA or the BND" and was very distressed by the reports.
The Swiss government says it was was informed of the case last November and has named a retired federal judge to investigate.
AS & Jerman Memata Matai Berbagai Negara Menggunakan Mesin Enkripsi Swiss
Anguish across Switzerland
By the BBC's Imogen Foulkes in Geneva
There are whimpers of anguish across Switzerland.
'Our reputation is in tatters,' sighs one political journalist. 'Our neutrality is a hypocrisy,' writes another.
In fact the dodgy dealings of Crypto AG were rumoured for years. Crypto's Swiss employees suspected something was wrong.
The Swiss government knew all along: it was one of the only governments which received a Crypto machine the CIA had not tampered with. But having the whole sorry story plastered across the world's media is painful.
It reminds the Swiss of an image they have been trying hard to rid themselves of; that they will do anything for the right price.
Their banks once looked after billions looted by dictators, they turned a blind eye to tax evasion on a massive scale.
All that is supposed to be in the past, but now another proud sector, Switzerland's precision engineering, looks tawdry too.
The CIA used Crypto AG precisely because Switzerland's reputation for neutrality and quality would attract buyers in governments around the world.
Switzerland took the money, and sold flawed machines. And now everybody knows.
AS & Jerman Memata Matai Berbagai Negara Menggunakan Mesin Enkripsi Swiss
The story behind Crypto
A Russian inventor called Boris Hagelin created the portable encryption machine when he fled to the US during the Nazi occupation of Norway in the 1940s.
It was small enough to be used in the field and was supplied to around 140,000 US troops.
AS & Jerman Memata Matai Berbagai Negara Menggunakan Mesin Enkripsi SwissImage copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionBoris Hagelin and his wife fled to the US during World War Two
When WW2 ended, Hagelin moved to Switzerland.
His technology became so advanced that the US government worried it would stop them spying on other government's communications.
But the top US codebreaker, William Friedman, persuaded Hagelin to sell the most advanced machines only to countries approved by the US.
The older machines, which the CIA knew how to access, were sold to other governments.
In the 1970s, the US and Germany bought Crypto and controlled almost the entire operation, including hiring staff, designing the technology, and directing sales.
The intelligence-gathering hidden in the rigged machines was long suspected but never previously proven. 

Ini rampok teriak malingemoticon-Big Grin
Well wait and see..
HAM & privasi hanya slogan politik negara maju untuk menekan negara lain
hanya saja negara maju tersebut main cantik & gak ketahuan dlm curi2 data privasi & langgar HAM emoticon-Embarrassment
jadi ingat enigma machine
mantap teknologi spy ny NATO era cold war, mereka mungkin kalah soal HUMINT tp klo soal enkripsi and SIGINT they are second to none. soviet is no more the chinks next.
sebenarnya yg saya agak heran dari apa yg digembar gemborkan kehebatan intelijen, kemampuan menyadap, kemampuan mengungkap kasus, mata-mata dll.
Kenapa negara-negara tersebut tidak mampu menembus TOR (The Onion Router).

berarti nggak hebat dong?
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Balasan post akun.internet
ga bisa nembus gmn, orang source codenya aja mereka yg pegang kok

ada dulu yg pernah ngeyel ke gue kalo tor itu super safe, begitu gue kasih fakta kalo pengembangnya adalah USN dia masih ngeyel juga kalo itu skrg udah open-source bisa enkripsi dan segala macam

bro, enkripsi nama domain/ip jadi .onion ga bikin lu auto anonym, setiap lalu lintas data di tor itu lewat servernya onion, lah kalo yg punya source code servernya aja USN gmn lu bisa yakin itu ga bisa ditembus? ada yg namanya backdoor bro

justru tor ini jauh lebih bahaya karena setiap aksesnya harus lewat server onion yg tentu saja bisa diliat sama si empunya server. jelas ga anonym dong

Balasan post akun.internet
@kudo212 child porn (CP) kok masih merajalela di TOR?
Balasan post akun.internet
TOR gak 100% secured. Sudah ada kasusnya kena gerebek.
btw, ada kurang lebih 100 negara yg pernah membeli mesin ini, kemungkinan besar Indonesia juga.
Ya, pantes USA takut sama teknologi 5G Huawei, mungkin waspada kalo di pasangin backdoor kyk gini juga.
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mereka takutnya teknologi quantum

amerika setiap tahunnya menghabiskan puluhan milyar dollar untuk intelijen, teknologi quantum yg anti dihack, membuat semua pengeluaran itu jadi sia sia
Balasan post kinggidorah666
Kalo sistem yg kompleks ane rasa sulit dinyatakan aman. Pasti bakal ketemu aja celahnya.

Sprti God Eye di film FF7, ane kira teknologi hack secanggih itu cuma ada di film, ternyata baru ketauan Pegasus buatan Israel bisa melakukan hal yg sama.

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