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Why Desserts are so Expensive and attractive, what are best ones you can choose?

Why Desserts are so Expensive and attractive, what are best ones you can choose?

Why Desserts are so Expensive and attractive, what are best ones you can choose?

Image- Krispy Kreme’s Luxe Doughnut - $1685

What is the most expensive dessert for 2020? Would you spend over $ 9 million for strawberries? That's right, Arnaud's Strawberries in New Orleans tops the list at $ 9.85 million. Eventhough this Price doesn't come with what it contains, it is what it comes with. a 10.06-carat royal blue diamond engagement ring from MS Rau Antiques .

2nd rank goes to Diamond Fruit cake, that costs 1.72 Million dollars, The reason for the grand price is the 223 diamonds studded into the cake that makes up a total weight of 170 carats. This cake is meant for display and not for consumption so no one needs to worry about biting into one of the diamonds These unaffordable dishes were raked up by chefs for promotional purposes or to raise funds for a noble cause.

Note that, Desserts are not only delicious, but also offers numerous health benefits reveals For instance, dark chocolate and pumpkin are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins that can boost your diet. Desserts are great for the mind too. Sweets with a high percentage of carbohydrates helps the brain to produce feel-good chemicals like serotonin.

There's nothing better than being able to enjoy something sweet and tasty: cake, cookies, pie, pudding, or anything else - as long as it has sugar in it. When you indulge in sweet desserts, you might worry about a costly dental bill in your future & even Online lottery software development

Mostly, the dessert includes additional ingredients that account for the heavy price. These include 24-carat gold flake toppings, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and a variety of expensive champagnes and liquors that provide a zing to the dish.

Were you so inclined and had the means to do so, you could partake in any of these 10 most expensive desserts from around the world.

Arnaud Strawberries - $ 9.85 Million

Diamond Fruitcake - $ 1.72 Million

The Absurdity Sundae - $ 60,000

The Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel Chocolate Pudding - $ 34,000

Frrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae - $ 25,000

Krispy Kreme's Luxe Donut - $ 1,685

The Golden Phoenix Cupcake - $ 1,000[/color

Golden Opulence Sundae - $ 1,000

Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans - $ 500

La Madeline au Truffle - $ 250

Enjoy your day with these yummy ones ......

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