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Mau Bekerja di Perusahaan Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co. K.S.C.?

Mau Bekerja di Perusahaan Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co. K.S.C.?

Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co. K.S.C.
A subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

KUFPEC AO Indonesia requires highly qualified individual to hitch our Jakarta team including our newly established KUFPEC Indonesia (Anambas) B.V. as:
Senior Drilling Coordinator (SRDRLC)
Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or related engineering discipline with over 14 years of experience overall drilling activities in O&G Industry
Recent experience working in Indonesia and/or offshore area is preferred
Proficient in well design, tubular design, drilling fluids, well control and drilling operations.
Proven diary in well design and planning, preparation of well-cost estimates, preparation of drilling programs.
Make sure that all drilling and major well work operations are conducted during a safe, environmentally sound manner and in compliance with Indonesian, and Company guidelines. Exhibits and always promotes Health Safety, Security and Environment.
Operate within the corporate procurement process to spot and procure the foremost cost-effective materials for project.
ready to make sure that all materials are fit purpose and available during a timely manner.
Liaise with other Project Team disciplines to supply advice on conceptual project designs and their interface with drilling.
Experience in managing 3rd Party drilling support contractor, field drilling teams and support service contractors.
Capable of ensuring that each one regulatory consents, approvals and well documentation is in situ before commencing well operations.
Hands on experience in daily monitoring of drilling, testing and well intervention operations and supply technical support to offshore personnel.
Excellent project management skills, strong interpersonal, leadership skills and excellent communication skills.

Senior Procurement Officer (SRPROC)
Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Business, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Economics, engineering , or a Related Field with over 12 years of experience as Procurement in O&G Industry
Hold valid SKKMIGAS PTK 007 certificate may be a must
Experienced in designing, establishing, managing the long- and short-term strategies of SCM functions (procurement, logistics, warehousing), policies, procedures and workflow to make sure smooth operation and fulfillment for all business requirements that to be aligned with the specified approval matrix and authorities.
ready to represent the organization ahead of the external and internal parties like; suppliers, vendors, different authorities, business unit managers concerning the related SCM department business.
Proven record in design, manage and set the principles of bids, tenders and quotations; Bidder’s participation, evaluation, selecting therefore hiring and contracting until delivery.
ready to manage Contract with suppliers, negotiate the costs , terms and conditions that make sure the maximum benefits for the organization and to be aligned with the organization’s policies and native laws.
Liaises with key company employees to work out their procurement needs
Understands Supply Chain Management Procedures, Logistics, and Knowledge of Supply Management Software
Excellent written and speech skills, strategic planning abilities, data analysis, superior organizational skills, and good negotiator.

HSSE Officer (HSSE)
Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, Safety Engineering, industrial management , Health & Safety or related field with over 8 years of experience as HSSE in O&G Industry
Recent experience working in Indonesia and/or offshore area is preferred.
Proven capabilities in completing the activities associated with Health, Safety, Security and Environment both in Exploration and Exploitation Stages of operations.
Proven diary in developing and implementing project and organizational HSSE policies and procedures.
Provide support to Project and Operations team altogether aspects of safety, occupational health, security and environmental issues.
Good experience in Incident investigations and carries out analysis of accident / incident statistics, identifying trends and suggesting improvement plans.
Accountable to make sure HSSE compliance onshore and offshore, conduct risk assessments and perform regular HSSE audits within the areas of business.
ready to prepare UKL/UPL scheduling
Excellent communication and coordination with BLH (Balai Lingkungan Hidup), SKKMIGAS, and other Governmental bodies associated with HSSE implementations.
Knowledgeable in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001, and related standards.
Excellent written and speech skills, self-motivated, good computer skills, and features a passion for Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

Government Liaison Officer (GOVLIA)
Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Engineering, Legal or Business with over 8 years of experience as Government Liaison in O&G Industry
Candidate must have a proven experience and professional relationship with the govt including with SKKMIGAS, MIGAS and other Governmental bodies
Previous experience in explorations and exploitations stages related licenses
Proven experience in advocacy, data driven, stakeholders and issue mapping, stakeholder’s management associated with the Oil and gas sector.
Committed to stick to the very best integrity values (anti-corruption, anti-bribery, anti-unlawful payments).
Excellent written and speech skills, strategic planning abilities, superior organizational skills, good negotiator and networker.

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