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How to improve your English

How to improve your English

Oke guys... Karena aku newbie, let's knowing each other. My name is Nurul Izzah, you can call me Izzah, I'm from Lamongan.
Okay immediately, now English is very important not only in education but also in job field. So, you must improve your english. And now I will give you some tips to improve your English skill.

1. Listening to music
By listening to music you can know how to
pronounce some vocabulary. And to facilitate
you can choose the genre of music as you like.

2. Reading an english book
By reading a book, you can get more
knowledge about english, like structure and

3. Watching movie or drama
Now movie and drama are popular in this era,
so you can use this step with using an english
subtittle, so if you don't know what the meaning
of, you can search it then you will get new

4. Try to write and speak
When you got many vocabularies, it's your time
to try write. From the little thing like writing a
diary. Then you have to try to speak up, so your
pronouncation will better.

Okay that's all the tips I can give to you all, may it's can help you to improve your English.

See you on the next tips. Bye bye🖐️

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