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244 Launches Instagram Follower Demographics & Authenticity Tool

Do you know the Follower Demographics & Authenticity of Instagram Profiles you follow? Now you can.

As marketers increasingly depend on social media for business growth, there is a growing need for measurability and accountability in social media marketing to equip businesses with data-informed decisions and avoid potential frauds.  Very notably in the exploding influencer marketing industry, where Unilever’s ex-chief marketing officer Keith Weed once called for a crackdown on influencer follower fraud and a lack of data insights.

To solve this industry-wide problem, has launched an Instagram Follower Analytics tool that lets users analyze any public Instagram Profile’s Follower Demographics such as Age, Gender, and Country Location, as well as to measure Follower Authenticity to detect suspicious or dormant followers.’s Follower Analytics works on any public Instagram Profile and lets users study audience demographics to find brand relevance, while auditing suspicious followers to avoid potential frauds.

Built by an all-Indonesian team and introduced less than a year ago, launched as the world’s first open-platform Instagram AI Analytics tool that lets users analyze any public Instagram Profile or Hashtag. Purposefully designed to be open and free-to-use (while upgradeable as needed), empowers businesses of every type and every size across 25+ countries. It is most popularly used for Profile Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Campaign Reporting, and Content & Influencer Optimization.

If you would like a Free sample Instagram Follower Analytics PDF report, say hello and drop us an email at!

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