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Beijing gives 10 reasons for supporting Carrie Lam's ban on masks in Hong Kong

Beijing gives 10 reasons for supporting Carrie Lam's ban on masks in Hong Kong

Beijing gives 10 reasons for supporting Carrie Lam's ban on masks in Hong Kong

Beijing has spoken out in support of the decision by Hong Kong's embattled leader Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor to impose a controversial ban on the wearing of masks by protesters, describing it as the best way to bring order back to the city.

In a commentary published on Saturday on WeChat, China's most popular messaging platform, the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the ruling Communist Party, listed 10 reasons why it endorsed the ruling.

While there was some overlapping between the 10 points, the list began by suggesting the ban would help to reduce violence " both by and against the protesters " and enable the police to better maintain law and order.

It said also that the anonymity masks provided to the protesters had led to some of them believing they were engaging not in violent acts, but in some kind of game.

"Masks have created an illusion in the minds of young people that they are playing a game, and that has made them more likely to carry out acts of violence," it said.According to figures released by the Hong Kong government on Thursday, students now accounted for 40 per cent of all those arrested for crimes relating to the protest, up from just 25 per cent in June.

"The mask ban will save (young people) from violence and prevent them from being used as cannon fodder, and placed on the fringes of crime and conflict because of their juvenility and ignorance," the commentary said.

The restriction on masks was announced on Friday, as the city enters its 18th week of unrest triggered by a now-shelved bill that would have allowed the transfer of criminal suspects to the mainland.

As well as keeping the city's young people from trouble, the commission said the ban would also provide protection for society as a whole, and especially those groups that had been targeted by the protesters.

The move had widespread support in the city and would ensure that all future protests and demonstrations were conducted in an orderly and lawful manner, it said.

China's ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming, described the ban as "timely and necessary", adding that Lam had the support and trust of the central government.

"I think the situation is still under control," he said in an interview on the BBC's Newsnight programme on Friday. "If she had lost control, how could she introduce the ban."The commentary said also that the restriction would prevent the leaders of the protest from recruiting "martyrs" to their cause only to exploit them.

In a "reasonable demonstration" people had no need to hide their faces, it said, but in the current situation, "rioters are using masks to cover their atrocities".

The ban, it said, would "eliminate this potential menace".

By helping to bring order back to the city, the restriction would also pave the way for "rational dialogue" between the Hong Kong government and the protesters, the commission said.

"After the withdrawal of the extradition bill … the mask ban is another step" towards a resolution of the crisis, it said.

"The consensus in Hong Kong is that dialogue should replace confrontation … and coexistence replace conflict."

Communist Party mouthpiece People's Daily said in a commentary published on its front page on Saturday that the ban removed the "psychological protection" masks gave to the protesters in Hong Kong and would help in restoring order.

Both articles said that the governments of many countries, including the United States, Canada, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany and Switzerland, had at one time or another, and for various reasons, banned the wearing of masks in public.

The Hong Kong ruling, which took effect at midnight on Saturday, prohibits the wearing of any sort of mask or face covering, including paint, at public assemblies. Those found guilty of violating the restriction face a fine of HK$25,000 (US$3,200) or up to a year in prison.

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Beijing gives 10 reasons for supporting Carrie Lam's ban on masks in Hong Kongdiu nei lo mo ..

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Beijing gives 10 reasons for supporting Carrie Lam's ban on masks in Hong Kong

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