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Inticoin (INTI) what is it?

Inticoin (INTI) what is it?

Just 39 days after its publication in different forms of Faucet or miner, it was presented with its own wallet (Wallet)

In Lima, Peru there are several developers who have created Cryptos although in this case we will talk about a crypto created in another important city of Peru and that is a historical reference the city of Cusco cradle of the ancestors Inkas the currency or cryto is named: Inticoin With the abbreviation INTI the need to create this crypto was developed in order to know our historical legacy.

Inticoin (INTI) that is known in its repository in Github -> [url=https://github.com/cctvradio/Inticoin ]https://github.com/cctvradio/Inticoin[/url] presents the code and development of itself and also downloadable miners in Windows and Linux also has a blog that It describes the installation parameters at: https://www.inticoin.org.pe/blog/coi...-inticoin-inti you can also fauce (Distil or drip) at: https://www.facebook.com/wingetcash/...7680106275807/ and soon Also in the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...=inticoin.aqoj, the Founder and his design process collaborator are also promoting the delivery of a new exchange system with other cryptos and with fiat world currencies from Volume 2 where users can buy from their Inticoin card (INTI ) in MasterCard.

They want to know who are part of the crypto's creativity and development team here I inform you a little more ...

Among them is the young Orestes Misme Gonzales best known by his relatives as "Luchito" was the idea of ​​the name of IntiCoin (INTI) he is from the city of Cusco, then they joined the collaborator Ruben Alberto Uriona Vasquez who is already developer of other cryptos that were developed in Lima.

Inticoin (INTI) is one of the crytos with the greatest technological background in the history of Cusco since it integrates a Minador in Windows and Linux, a wllet (wallet) with a faucet in Facebook and Play Store as well as a second version in optimal development as a card An interesting news is that they are already creating 2 pages that can buy products and services with Inticoin those pages are: https://www.inticoin.org.pe/winget.html and https://intiqori.mas.tienda as fiat money, so it is creating a "crytos store" where with fiat money (Dollars, Euro, Soles, etc. you can buy for the volume of 50 coins plus the Inticoin) stay tuned that soon they will also be making news in game environment and more.

What do you expect to be part of the crypto Inticoin ambassadors, it is very easy to participate.
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