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Forgotten your Account Live password and have tried all the possible combinations? You must be now looking for the simplest instructions to reset this password by visiting at But do you know that there are two places where you can reset your Account Live password. and are the two links you can open to set a new password for your account. You must be now wondering which one among these two to choose. Well, go for the first one, if you have enabled the two-step verification feature; else, select the other. 
When you visit, you are asked to enter an alternate email address followed by the one registered with the Account Live. Enter the same, get the password reset code, and recover your account in no time by following the on-screen instructions. 
Please note that the whole Account Live password reset process mentioned above is also applicable for those who don’t have access to the email address registered with the Account Live. After performing this process, if you still face an error with the password reset, then contact the Microsoft support professional and receive immediate solution.
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