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How Order Management System (OMS) Helps Streamline Ecommerce Website

How Order Management System (OMS) Helps Streamline Ecommerce Website

Do you know what is Order Management System (OMS) in Ecommerce?

Before starting, let’s have a quick revision of OMS indispensable: Definition, Options, & Select.

From click to customer – Stands an ocean of challenges:

Complex shipping schedules and order profiles
Arranging inventory and order across multiple platforms
Tracking fulfillment via third party logistics
Reporting, analytics, and evaluation
Most of the business – especially high-growth traders – the act of capturing, tracking, and fulfilling orders across two or more sales channels have been pulled to pieces.

Mistakes Magnify, Customer Complaint, and Employees Burn Out

Do you usually find yourself working with merchants who are still using labor-intensive systems and procedures? This often ranges from the team who are extremely professional in performing “spreadsheet Olympics” to the legacy that was never crafted to manage eCommerce alongside with multi-channel and multi-location sales.

We at Xicom, help you walkthrough:

What is the Order Management System (OMS)?
How to find the right OMS – Questions & Checklist?
How order management system works in eCommerce business?

What Is Order Management System?
An order management system is any tool or platform that tracks sales, orders, inventory, and fulfillment. Moreover, it enables the people, procedures, and partnerships that are essential for the product to find their way to the customers who bought them.

In fact, order management hasn’t changed in decades. But, what has changed are the buyers expectations and the sales landscape. Today, OMS require a multi-dimensional system that touches every business operations, including:

Sales channels
Product information
Stock level and locations
Suppliers for purchasing and receiving
Customer service : name, refund, and reply
Order printing, picking, packing, processing, and shipping
So, whether you operate B2C, Wholesale, or a hybrid model…

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