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Best chance to have a job in Bali for expatriates.

Best chance to have a job in Bali for expatriates.

Bali has been the most tourist friendly island in Indonesia. Most of the tourist became expatriates that build a settle life in Bali – the reason are often because the living cost is cheaper than any other destinations in South East Asia. These jobs are the best chances for tourist pals, who might be have a future plan to live in Bali. 


Known as one of the top 15 diving destinations in the world, no wonder why become a dive instructor in Bali will give you a settle life. Bali has been a home to a lot of diving operators and instructors. It is a great chance if you have a certification from PADI or SSI instructor courses. 


English teachers or tutor are very much needed in Bali’s school. Foreigners from an English-speaking country are very welcome at kindergartens, high school and universities. With this great chance, foreigners would have a close interaction and social life with the locals. 


Many foreigners often work in a four to five star hotels as qualified chefs, general managers managing their operations too – because they understand better the needs of visiting tourists. Working in hospitality will also help you better in blend into Bali culture, and also building networks with the locals. 


In Bali and outer islands, there’s a lot of infrastructure and construction being developed by foreigners who have experience in this fields. There are a lot of companies being operated by foreigners. So, if you have skills in architecture, this will be the best chance for you to work in Bali.


Ubud, two hours of driving for Bali is the best place for tourists to seek for a peace of mind and a get away from chaotic life in the big city. There are many resorts and yoga centres that welcoming practitioners of all levels and disciplines. Foreigners who have good credentials in this field, Bali is the best chance to have your hobbies paid. 


If you are an expatriate that got skills in modeling, photographer, DJ or dancer – then you have a best chance to work in Bali. There’s a lot of bar, nightclubs, magazine that will need your skills in those fields. Also, an artist’s Visa is now available for DJ’s, artists, and photographers who are going to work in the Republic of Indonesia.  


There are plentiful of opportunities to start your own business in this island. Starts from IT consultancy firm, restaurant, import - export company, bar, and much more. There will be some bureaucratic hurdles as a foreigner to start a business overseas, but some of them make it successfully. You will also need extra experience in communicate between cultures with some Indonesian language basics.  


This is the best chance for foreigners to start a startup entrepreneur in Bali. Because this island offers cheap living, affordable rent, and relatively low labour costs – because of the cheap living cost. You would not have to worry about the establishment of your companies, because of the growing number of collaborative co-working spaces with fast, reliable internet connection. These situations will help to support you to have a best chance to start a startup entrepreneur.

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