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Hong Kong facing worst crisis since handover: Senior China official

Hong Kong facing worst crisis since handover: Senior China official

Hong Kong is facing its worst crisis since it returned from British to Chinese rule in 1997, the head of China's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs office said on Wednesday, as more anti-government protests rocked the Asian financial hub.

"Hong Kong's crisis … has continued for 60 days, and is getting worse and worse," Zhang Xiaoming, one of the most senior Chinese officials overseeing Hong Kong affairs, said during a meeting in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.

"Violent activities are intensifying and the impact on society is spreading wider. It can be said that Hong Kong is now facing the most severe situation since its handover," he said.

Hong Kong has faced months of sometimes violent protests that began with opposition to a now-suspended extradition law and which have evolved into a direct challenge to the government of embattled leader Carrie Lam and calls for full democracy.

Hong Kong's protests, which continued on Wednesday, pose a major challenge to Chinese President Xi Jinping who is grappling with a trade war with the United States and a slowing economy.

Zhang held a forum on Wednesday to discuss the political crisis in Hong Kong which included Hong Kong delegates to China's parliament, the National People's Congress and China's main consultative body, the CPPCC. No opposition democratic figures or protest representatives were invited.

Speaking after the meeting, several attendees said Zhang cited speeches by former Chinese paramount leader Deng Xiaoping in 1984 and 1987 in which he said if "turmoil" occurs in Hong Kong, "the central government must intervene".

No specific mention, however, was made of deploying the People's Liberation Army (PLA), which has a garrison in Hong Kong, to quell the unrest, with Zhang cited as saying Beijing remained confident in the Hong Kong government and local police.

Elsie Leung, a former justice secretary, said she felt that even if the PLA were deployed it would not conflict with Hong Kong's "one country, two systems" by which it has been governed since 1997. "One country, two systems would continue," she said.

In China's sharpest rebuke yet of the protesters, the government warned them on Tuesday not to "play with fire" and called on Hong Kong citizens to protect their homeland.

The Global Times, a Chinese tabloid published by the Communist Party's People's Daily, showed a video on its official Twitter feed of thousands of police officers taking part in an anti-riot training drill in Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong.

The protests have drawn millions onto the streets in opposition to an extradition bill that would see suspects tried in mainland courts controlled by the Communist Party. Many feared it would undermine Hong Kong's independent judiciary and was another step towards full mainland control ofHong Kong.

Several thousand Hong Kong lawyers dressed in black, marched in silence on Wednesday to call on the government to safeguard the independence of the city's department of justice.

The city's lawyers fear the justice department's prosecutions of arrested protesters are taking on an increasingly political slant with over 500 arrests, many charged with rioting, an offence that carries a 10-year jail term.

A female lawyer who declined to be named said she was marching "to make sure the government knows that within the legal sector, we will not allow judicial independence to be compromised by politics or pressure from the Chinese government".

A group of unidentified government prosecutors published an open letter last week accusing Secretary of Justice Teresa Cheng of putting politics above legal principles.

"All we want is justice and all we want is consistency," said prominent lawyer Kevin Yam, who also protested. "We don't want to see thugs get away while the best of our youth get prosecuted. We uphold the rule of law and we ask for justice."

Protesters are demanding a complete withdrawal of the extradition bill, an independent inquiry into the crisis, an investigation into what they say is excessive use of force by police, and for Lam to step down.

A brazen attack by an armed mob on protesters at a train station in Yuen Long on the night of July 21 that left 45 people injured, has so far seen 23 people arrested for the relatively light charge of unlawful assembly. Protesters say police were slow to protect them.

Police fired tear gas in Sham Shui Po late on Tuesday, as protesters gathered outside a police station to demand the release of Keith Fong, a student union leader from Baptist University, who they say was unlawfully arrested by several plain-clothes police for buying laser pointers on the grounds that he possessed offensive weapons.

Protesters have sometimes aimed lasers, which are widely available in shops, at police during recent clashes.

Pendukung komunis adalah idiot
lutju.bingitz dan greedaon memberi reputasi
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!

TSnya itu bajingan idiot sinophobia pemuja bule barat kulit putih !!!!

dulu bajingan bule inggris pakai taktik kotor masukkan opium ke china
Perang Opium , Penyebab Dikuasainya Hong Kong oleh Inggris .
Dari tahun 1898 hingga 1997, Hong Kong disewakan kepada Inggris
tgl 1-juli-1997 China ambil balik Hong Kong dari inggris

]orang Hongkong itu masih tak berani belajar cara hadapi fakta & kenyataan bahwa Hongkong itu udah diambil alih oleh China 1-july-1997

Hong Kong facing worst crisis since handover: Senior China officialdiu nei lo mo ..

benar2 lucu waktu demonstrasi org2 hongkong itu ada yg klaim " Hongkong is part of Britain " bukan part of China sampai bawa2 bendera Inggris
makanya org2 hong kong itu pantas di sebut anjingnya inggris

Dogs of British Imperialist
Hong Kong facing worst crisis since handover: Senior China official

org2 hongkong itu lupa waktu zaman penjajahan kolonial Inggris di hongkong
pemimpin di hongkong ( gubenur ) itu saja tak pernah dipilih oleh rakyat hongkong sendiri
melainkan dipilih oleh baginda ratu Inggris
jadi apa salahnya China ikut cara Inggris ..

ini list gubenur hong kong yg dipilih oleh kolonial inggris bukan rakyat hong kong ( dari tahun 1841-1997)
semuanya bule inggris

Governor of Hong Kong

China take over hong kong tgl 1-july-1997 ..berakhirlah zaman penjajahan kolonial inggris

suruh aja org2 hong kong itu mewek merengek2 minta bantuan pada baginda ratu Inggris
Inggris eropa itu aja mengemis bantuan pada China untuk berinvestasi dalam sebuah skema bantuan bagi negara Eropa yang mengalami krisis utang.

Humiliated Europe forced to beg China for bailout
Help us out, Europe begs China:
China Menguasai Eropa Sejak 2005 [list]

dalang rusuh di hongkong itu adalah bajingan bule inggris & bule amerika

orang pintar berpendidikan sudah tahu itu semua adalah propaganda dari bule barat yg ingin membendung kemajuan kehebatan china
sinophobia tolol saja yang tidak tahu itu

kalau ada kaskuser yg mau dukung hongkong merdeka
suruh aja kaskuser itu dukung papua merdeka,aceh merdeka,maluku merdeka dll

emoticon-fuck yang dukung separatis itu pantas di sebut bajingan idiot !!!!
Diubah oleh li.xiao.long
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Balasan post li.xiao.long
Sudah kalah debat sama gua.. Masih aja gak ngaca

Sudah baca era muslim blm hari ini? Eh pendukung komunisme itu pintar apa bego ?
lutju.bingitz dan greedaon memberi reputasi
kasihan gw liat hongkong makin hari makin ditekan pkc, malah kabarnya menlen mau ngirim personel tambahan dari PLA buat ngamanin demo
emoticon-No Hope
emoticon-Om Telolet Om! digilas mati aja antek pemuja bule barat kulit putih itu !!!

china sekarang jadi maju hebat karena tegas gilas mati antek bule barat kulit putih yg mau rusuh ganggu pemerintahan
haiyaaa ciilaaka luuwa weelas waaa

Gak adee manusiyee yg waras mo disamakan dgn SUB-human waaa!!!!!

Bkn gw doank yg bilang SICKmen of Asia jorok nyeee gak ketulungan waaa!!!!

Hong Kong facing worst crisis since handover: Senior China official
lutju.bingitz dan greedaon memberi reputasi
TSnya pribumi indon tolol mau dukung separatis hongkong merdeka

orang hong kong itu terkenal rasis
dan masuk daftar negara paling rasis di dunia
negara dengan jumlah orang intoleran tertinggi adalah Hong Kong dengan 71,8 persen populasinya menolak bertetangga dengan orang beda ras.

jadi ingat dulu orang hong kong menghina derajat bangsa pribumi filipina & pribumi indonesia yg disebut sbg babu
Dicap Rasis, Iklan PRT di Hong Kong Dihujat Hong Kong facing worst crisis since handover: Senior China official
Hong Kong facing worst crisis since handover: Senior China official Hong Kong facing worst crisis since handover: Senior China official
pekerja-pekerja asal Indonesia & Filipina protes iklan rasis di hong kong .
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Lu kan batak
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lutju.bingitz dan kingoftki memberi reputasi

lho yang menyebabkan krisis kan para demonstran, tanpa mereka hongkong baik2 saja. apa ngak kebalik otak para pendukung demonstran ?
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Post ini telah dihapus oleh kaskus.support17
Tiananmen bakal terulang karena Triad dianggap nggak berguna..emoticon-Big Grin
Balasan post kecapbasi

Tanpa demonstran tsb, hk bakal kehilangan status istimewanya yg menyebabkan hk bakal g dimninati investor lg. Tentu saja masy hk pd umumnya dukung demonstran
Balasan post wildhorse1
@wildhorse1 Gak juga gan...yang ditentang demonstran kan RUU ekstradisi. UU itu gak ada hubungannya dengan investor asing. UU itu ditujukan buat warga lokal. Itu bukan kebijakan disektor ekonomi. Ekonomi HK tetap liberal. Kecuali kebijakan ekonomi HK mau diutak atik sama pemerintah pusat, baru ada hubungannya dengan investor asing.
Balasan post sehau76
Ini gara2 kasus pembunuhan ngapa jadi melebar ya??otoritas keamanan hongkong ane liat kaya kurang tegas dan gak terkordinir gitu,masih mnding polisi indo pas 22mei kemarin,.ini ane liat di yutub kaya gk tegas gitu,mau nembakin gas air mata aja ragu2,.demonstrannya bahkan bisa kabur dan pindah tmpat demo dngan aman pakai kereta dngan aman.,

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