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Where Are The Best 5 Engineering Schools In Europe?

Where Are The Best 5 Engineering Schools In Europe?

When it comes to education Europe has always been leading the world. From ancient times, Europe had some of the best educational institutes. Great scholars like Albert Einstein were nurtured in Europe and he is probably the best scientist to date.

The top college essay help for teaching engineering and science still is to be found in Europe. Whenever there is a ranking of universities Europe had a very good presence at the top ten. European universities continue to give a lot of importance to research and innovation.

It is not just education that Europe can take pride in, but most of the cities where these universities are situated are places with a lot of importance in the history of the world.
Where Are The Best 5 Engineering Schools In Europe?

Let us look at the top five engineering schools in Europe

Cambridge University, UK
One of the oldest universities in the world, Cambridge always appears in the list of top ten universities. Started around the 13th century Cambridge teaches all subjects. But the largest department in Cambridge University is the Engineering department. There are over 1000 undergraduates studying there. Research scientists number around 600.

Imperial College, London
Another institution that appears in the top ranks around the world, Imperial College is a research center of world class in science, Engineering, Medicine, and Management. Imperial College has the largest Engineering department in Europe. There are 6000 students. This college offers engineering undergraduates an opportunity to spend a year abroad and a year in industry or in nuclear engineering.

ETH Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology, Switzerland
Founded in 1855 this university has constantly been appearing among the top five universities in Europe. ETH can boast of having educated one of the legends of the world Albert Einstein. The largest department in the university is the department of Mechanical and Process Engineering.

Where Are The Best 5 Engineering Schools In Europe?

Oxford University
Another one of the oldest universities founded around the 13th century, it has been on top of the rankings consistently. Oxford University has a large department for Engineering Studies. 160 engineering graduates pass out of the university every year.

Ecole Polytechnique Federale di Lausanne, Switzerland
The university ranked as the top international universities in two consecutive years in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. This university has courses for masters in Nuclear Engineering, Computational Engineering and Science, and Financial Engineering.

The above five universities hold the top 5 positions among Europe’s engineering schools.
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