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Descriptive Text

Descriptive Text about my motorbikes.

I love riding motorcycle anywhere on any given day. I have three different types of motorcycle in my garage at home. My first bike is a 2013 Yamaha underbone bike. It has two main colours, red and black, but most of its body is covered by red rather than black. This bike is a manual bike with the clutch to help me shift its gear. I put some protectors on its handle bar to protect my hands, and on both front wheel and rear wheel to avoid them from being scratched should I fall down on it. I didn’t really do anything to customize it further. I had traveled everywhere with it before I had to give up that kind of lifestyle for my own good.

On the contrary, I did lots of customization on my second bike, an old 2005 Honda GL Max. This bike has been transformed from its original standard look into a customized Japanese style look. The whole bike parts, head lamp, rear lamp, gas tank, rims, exhaust pipe, wheels, except its main engine and its frame, have been replaced by custom parts. This bike is an all-black bike, there’s no other colour on it, except a tiny yellow part on the suspension. I usually ride it when I want to have my personal time amid my stagnant, boring and fixed schedule at school.

The third bike that I own is a 2019 Honda automatic bike, which I initially purchased for my wife. There isn't much I can say pertaining to the existence of this bike in my garage, for I don't really fancy automatic bike.

Answer the following question based on the text above!

1. How many bikes does the writer have?
2. What is the main colour of writer's second bike?
3. Based on the text above, we can assume that the writer is a ...
4. What is the writer's least favourite bike?
5. When did the writer buy his third bike?
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1. 4
2. yellow
3. colector
4. his bike he use everyday
5. 2019

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