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Do phones' built-in DACs affect external portable DACs?

Do phones' built-in DACs affect external portable DACs?

Hello everyone,

So I know my question is going to sound silly, but I'm not quite an audiophile-yet-guy, and I would just like to know how these things work.
So, I read factory-built-in digital to analog converters do not do justice to your audio quality. So, I looked up a few portable DACs, which in theory would improve sound quality from your phone. One question that came to my mind is how it would function. Do you plug your DAC into your USB port (I guess?), And that factory-machine? I assume, another factor is not your phone has a headphone jack, since if it does not, then the USB port has the DAC, too, as far as I'm concerned. I read sometime in a random comment section, that in some cases, you have to manually disable your phone's DAC in order to make the external one function.

I know, this is a super stupid question, so sorry about that 'emoticon-Smilie. At this point, I did not plan yet on buying such gadgets (seeing the prices). Is it worth it, though ...? (Currently, I listen to. Flac's on my jack-less phone with cheap Sennheiser earbuds, but I would like to step up my game one day.)
Thanks in advance: D

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