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Help looking for some animations

Help looking for some animations

Hello everyone.
I needed two specific animations from when I was younger.
The first one is between the years 1997 and 2004. The only clues i have are:
It was shown on MTV, a special weekend dedicated to either electro / techno / rave or animation.
Second: I remember it was a cell shaded, the art style or the concept made me think of an old show called Funky Cops.
Third: All I remember was someone sort of rapping? a la William Shatner (part of the lyrics i remember saying 'Sorry about that' scene 'involving the protagonist' s car crashing against something)
Fourth: the music video itself involved a car chase, i remember the old orange car (similar to impala) and a guy being chased by the cops on a San Francisco Esque City.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------
The second one might be more tricky, I remember this one couple of times when I was very young, circa 1994-1996.
I used to watch two shows, one called Splat (involving animation) and another show based on gaming culture. I remember the showing (i think) of the original E3 (back when it had another name), or it was on Teletoon's Splat! . I'm looking for was classic CGI, pretty old school. All i remember is:
It was a doomsday city with robots, the camera was trying to save each other. the camera suddenly panning out and showing the planet in the verge of a black hole (?). Im not sure if it was a black hole or mixing it with something else, I remember a like like creature holding this planet in space. but i cant remember if he waits out of the black hole itself or what ...

please I have tried these two for years now, help me out. i beg of ya

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