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How to Delete AOL Email Account

How to Delete AOL Email Account

AOL mail is a free email service provide by AOL (America Online) organization. AOL mails some times referred to as AOL instant messenger (AIM Mail). AOL mailing services include unlimited storage capacity, protection from spm and viruses, links to other email accounts from other service providers. If an AOL email account is active for 180 days then the account may be deleted. Although deletion of an AOL account is not a easy task, you can delete an AOL account only when it is accessible. You need your email id and password to delete your account, if you forget your password then you should recover it first to delete your account. Before the deletion of your account you have to delete all your e-mail stored at AOL.

learn permanent delete account by AOL Technical Support
To delete your AOL email account you need to sign in your account. To sign in to your account visit the AOL my account page. Enter your user name and password to your login page. If you don't remember your password then you have to reset your password first. Click on the manage my subscription link in your account option near the top of the page. Wait till your subscription loads on the page. Under the subscription, click on the service which you want to cancel. AOL will ask a reason why you want to cancel this service. You have to choose a reason from the drop down list. Now click on the cancel AOL to close AOL email account permanentlyor cancel billing. After that after following this process you will get a notification that your subscription has been canceled. Once you cancel your AOL account you can't reactivate your account, you have to create a new account.
If you are facing any issue with a mail account deletion, then you can call on our AOL Helpline, you can follow it when you encounter a problem.
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