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Why Popular 8 Tech products got shutdown in 2018, find here

Why Popular 8 Tech products got shutdown in 2018, find here

Already 2018 gave birth to several tech products. Simultaneously, many popular tech products closed its shop as well. No tech product is here to exist forever. . Except a few, who can survive the change. 
[justify]For instances, Yahoo !, Hotmail, AOL etc. failed to live up to the changing trends and shops that were taken over by biggies.[/justify]
[justify]Here is the list of 8 tech products that were shut down in 2018![/justify]
The social media influence clout platform founded in 2008 was decided to shut down on May 25, 2018. Klout provided the users with a Klout score, which was a measure of their social media influence. Lithium Technologies bought Klout for $ 200 million in 2014. In May 2018, Pete Hess's Lithium CEO announced the shutdown, saying: "The artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, but the service is not aligned with our long- term strategy. "
Yahoo Messenger

Started in 1998, the Instant messaging service of Yahoo, Yahoo Messenger was the poster of boy of instant messaging. Who can forget the "ASL" (abbreviation for age, sex, location) that users use to ask the strangers whom they meet through the platform. Yahoo did not provide a reason for shutting down, but the users were redirected to a new service called Squirrel, a group chat app ...

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