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Many forex news, how to find the most important of them

Many forex news, how to find the most important of them

Many sites offer news, forecasts and recommendations on Forex, but unfortunately I did not find them practical sites, there are many general content that does not indicate anything special, all scenarios are loaded with information is difficult for the trader to determine his position and determine his decision.

Eg investing
Daily forex
Forex newstoday
These sites explain a lot of news and overload us with information and materials, so we enter the platform and do not know which news we choose and any important news, especially that Forex news is important to pay attention to gain, one person may turn the scales in the trading platform.
Compared to these sites there are sites such as مسار فوركس and ARENCIN
They offer Forex recommendations, Euro Dollar recommendations, and Forex news.
The difference between them is that the Forex Trader site offers one source of recommendations and the Arnesen site also offers a Forex recommendations platform, but includes dozens of recommendations that return the trader to a road without a way out, he must adopt only one recommender, luck.

The two sites offer important اخبار الفوركس , but are very important to choose from carefully and provide speech butter, not just text and numbers
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