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- A poem for you

- A poem for you

sitting in a balcony

feelin’ the soaken sunrise

you’re still the one

as my happy pill

you raised my heart rate

you made me drunk of you

like a vodka in a bar,

and an apple pie in the summer

oh my oh my,

just come to me

let’s makin’ memories

been a year since i broke up

come on and come ahead to me

it’s kinda selfish but i like u

i guess u’ve known

all the ways to get to me

your shavy smile

your settle voice

lead my heart to beat faster and faster

I just can’t help to figure u out

you got that mystery

’bout how u kissed my wet lips

huggin’ me tight and tighter

sometime it’s getting harder to me

make u mine oh mine

wishin’ i could stop the time

when your hands on my hair

and your lips on mine

casually, it’s so typical

for me to fall for you

But, oh God, i wish you ‘re mine

sorry i never meant to

but you ‘re all i need,

my mouth was dumb to say it

all the things ’bout you

i know that i signed up my feeling,

i got nervous, got faded,

pretending that i’m okay with this

baby oh mine

just come to me

even you’re just want a chill night

i’ll give you a candle light

just me and you stayin’ latenight

as long as you’re still got my sight

cos imma dreamer of you

in the way to you

and it’s all ’bout you

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