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Learn to Upload Word Documents to the Google Docs...

Learn to Upload Word Documents to the Google Docs...

Through Google Docs one can freely alter "Microsoft Word documents" online. Along with the help of Google Docs, one may interpret the word file, Create specific modifications to it. They can distribute it with other people directly from Google accounts.
From the Google Docs, available documents can be used from the system through the Google Docs site. This can be done quickly with the iOS app and the Android app too.
Steps for Sending Word Files to Google Docs
It is a subpart of Google Drive. On the Google Docs, in order to work on Word documents, you need to upload them to "Google Drive" first.
1. Go to Google Drive. Users may see Go to Google Drive button.
2. Tap it and log into the Google account.
3. Tap New.
4. Tap File upload.
5. Tap on Folder upload for uploading the folder full of many Word docs.

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