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[Lounge] Apex Legends on PS4
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[Lounge] Apex Legends on PS4

[Lounge] Apex Legends on PS4

Publisher : Electronic Arts | Developer : Respawn Entertainment | Genre : Shooter, Battle Royale

Apa jadinya jika tim di balik Titanfall ikut meramaikan genre yang lagi happening belakangan ini? Inilah jawabannya. Game free-to-play terbaru ini menghadirkan unsur class dan ability unik per karakter di dalam gameplay battle royale-nya. Saatnya kamu mulai main Apex Legends hari ini!

Spoiler for Gameplay:

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Rules on this thread!!

** *1. Dilarang post hanya emoticon doang, yang jelas kalau mau post. Ini bukan lounge ngejunk

** *2. Dilarang post berturut2, sehabis post sekali, jangan rakus post lagi, tunggu sampe ada orang lain posting, dan gak boleh posting lebih dari 1x dalam sehari , minimal tunggu lebih dari sehari baru posting lagi kalau sebelum2nya sudah ada postingan orang lain, kalau lebih dari sehari & belum ada orang lain yang posting? kalau dalam waktu seminggu belum ada orang lain yang posting setelah postingan kita, silakan posting lagi, diperbolehkan.

** *3. Dilarang membahas cheat/trainer/sejenisnya, khusus pemain apex legends ps4 no cfw!

** *4. Dilarang menggunakan signature! Terlebih lagi bila ada link promosi jualan/blog/forum lain/dll

** *5. Dilarang berjualan di subforum online games! Silahkan gunakan FJB

** *6. Dilarang post shortlink/cashlink ( dan sebagainya)

** *7. Dilarang membawa masalah di subforum ini ke forum atau subforum lain!

** *8. Saat masuk ke subforum ini, Anda dianggap sudah membaca dan menyetujui peraturan yang berlaku
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Gak butuh ps plus guys untuk bermain game iniemoticon-2 Jempol
Ada 12 trophyemoticon-angry
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Diubah oleh erwaleste
Diubah oleh erwaleste

List Pemain APEX LEGENDS on PS4

1. ID Kaskus: cheapet50
ID PS: cheapet50

2. ID Kaskus: tonelab
ID PS: Tonelab_hendra

3. ID Kaskus: tikusnyongyong
ID PS: willy74ms

4. ID Kaskus: eugol
ID PS: Eugolisk

5. ID Kaskus: temfvckol
ID PS: choco_latoz

6. ID Kaskus: cendolers
ID PS: trizkynp

7. ID Kaskus: sHzRep
ID PS: ShiangShiang
*Require fill optional message, blank request not respond. “Apex Legends Kaskus” emoticon-Peace

8. ID Kaskus: baikbungul
ID PS: aldymrvica

9. ID Kaskus: suvistamovic
ID PS: suvistamovic

10. ID Kaskus: syidikpermadi
ID PS: macronsattelite

11. ID Kaskus: sinusinu
ID PS: muhammadahsinu

12. ID Kaskus: lingkarusak
ID PS: lingkarusak

13. ID Kaskus: pandaexpress
ID PS: bizaksana

14. ID Kaskus: Setember
ID PS: Setember-

15. ID Kaskus: fxnno
ID PS: finnotm, wajib isi optional message: Apex Legends Kaskus. Jangan blank ya, kalau nggak gak diaccept friend requestnya emoticon-Stick Out Tongue

16. ID Kaskus: ovirio89
ID PS: ovi baskoro

17. ID Kaskus: HeiAphan
ID PS: wetmicrophone

18. ID Kaskus: McTravish
ID PS: Kapaww

19. ID Kaskus: Rendz92
ID PS: rendkusn

20. ID Kaskus: jikojiko
ID PS: Beninghabibi

21. ID Kaskus: iamooo
ID PS: iaammm29

22. ID Kaskus: rothschild1776
ID PS: lennon0890

23. ID Kaskus: angelznino
ID PS: imangume

24. ID Kaskus: fajar4646
ID PS: rahmad23

25. ID Kaskus: zaozipper
ID PS: Kumendan

26. ID Kaskus: fansaalmalik
ID PS: fansa_malik, Kasi message Apex Legends ya pas addemoticon-Big Grin

27. ID Kaskus: brahmanasatiman
ID PS: brahmanabs

28. ID Kaskus: kidaljangkrik
ID PS: jonilint

29. ID Kaskus: igoey07
ID PS: igoey07

30. ID Kaskus: revotokugawa
ID PS: revorevo31

31. ID Kaskus: suneok123
ID PS: faritz777

32. ID Kaskus: namuz
ID PS: rayazure

33. ID Kaskus: karambia4869
ID PS: hanafi666

34. ID Kaskus: dharmatatwa
ID PS: deamo_ (Nanti waktu add tolong messages apex legend kaskus ya. Salam CHAMPIONSemoticon-thumbsup )

35. ID Kaskus: br4vem4n
ID PS: lenorider

36. ID Kaskus: burnmycat
ID PS: sudutkusut

37. ID Kaskus: deltadiaz
ID PS: ScandalDeparture

38. ID Kaskus: NightRainz
ID PS: yogiyahoeey, (Nanti waktu add tolong kasi message “apex legends kaskus” emoticon-Big Grin )

39. ID Kaskus: yonida
ID PS: inonk69

40. ID Kaskus: bokep182
ID PS: reza182
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Tips about Apex Legends

Spoiler for tips dari agan fxnno:

Spoiler for tips dari agan SuperUban:

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Spoiler for 1:

Spoiler for 2:

Spoiler for 3:

Spoiler for 4:

Spoiler for 5:
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Apex Legends currently has eight unique characters to choose from

The master of decoy, Mirage can send a decoy out every 14 seconds. In addition, when downed, he turns invisible and also creates a decoy of himself. His ultimate ability turns him invisible while creating multiple copies of Mirage.
Spoiler for MIRAGE:

The loveable robot Pathfinder has a grapple that you can use to whip yourself around the map and get high ground quickly. You can even use it to pull enemies toward you for a shotgun finish. Pathfinder can hack certain beacons around the map to give you and your team intel on where the next safe circle will be and his ultimate gives him the ability to create a zipline, useful for traversing across the map.
Spoiler for PATHFINDER:

Caustic is a sociopath and can place gas traps that are great for rigging rooms and fortifying choke points. His ultimate lets you throw a gas grenade that covers a large area with poison And his passive lets you see any enemies within that cloud allowing you to finish them off while they’re being slowed and disoriented.
Spoiler for CAUSTIC:

The battle-hardened Bangalore moves faster when under fire, making her harder to kill while she escapes or strafes in combat. Her tactical ability lets her fire two smoke grenades and her ultimate calls in an artillery strike that rolls across the map.
Spoiler for BANGALORE:

Bloodhound’s passive lets you pick up on enemy cues such as footprints and if they took damage. The tactical ability sends out a pulse wave that briefly notifies you and your teammates of enemies and traps if they are in proximity. Bloodhound’s ultimate highlights enemies red, makes their footprints red, and makes the player much faster.
Spoiler for BLOODHOUND:

Gibraltar is all about team support with his bubble dome that can protect while in a fight or while looting but he also has offensive abilities that work well with the flow of combat. His passive gives him a shield while aiming down sights which gives him an initial advantage in a straight up gun fight. His ultimate is a mortar strike that lasts for a long duration of time, destroying any enemy that stays in the area – unless they hide under cover of course.
Spoiler for GIBRALTAR:

Wraith is a soldier who uses the void for all three of her abilities. Her passive gives you extremely useful audio cues when traps are near or if enemies are aiming at you. Her tactical turns you invisible for a short period of time but you additionally become immune to all damage including the encroaching circle. Her ultimate, Dimensional Rift, allows Wraith to form two portals that either ally or foe can use to teleport across.
Spoiler for WRAITH:

Lifeline’s passive ability gives her a shield while reviving knocked down allies. Healing items are also used 25% faster. In a game where the combat is as aggressive as it is in Apex Legends, faster healing, and shields while reviving allies allows you to mitigate some of the disadvantages you would normally encounter while being injured or outnumbered. Her tactical ability drops a drone that heals anyone on your team over time, allowing everyone to save their syringes and fight while being healed. Her ultimate takes the longest time to charge out of all the legends but that’s because it’s a care package that drops with high rarity gear.
Spoiler for LIFELINE:
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numpang jejak gan hehe kayanya asoy nih. mantep nih free hehe lagi ninggal donlot nih sembari liat gameplaynya di yutub haha
butuh squad?
add psn id ane gan,

jam main ngalong


Nanti Saya update ya list pemain apex legends emoticon-shakehand


Dari pemberitaan IGN, sih keren bangets emoticon-thumbsup emoticon-Cool emoticon-Belo
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baru donlot semalem...barusan abis maen trainingnya dolo...
skip mo makan malem... emoticon-Big Grin

ID PSN Tonelab_hendra


Nanti Saya update ya list pemain apex legends emoticon-shakehand
Add gan
Psn : willy74ms emoticon-Cendol Ganemoticon-Cendol Gan


Oke gan, siap emoticon-shakehand
Balasan post erwaleste
otw download haha ngetes dulu
ini mirip2 fortnite ngk sih?

lebih mirip black ops 4 + overwatch


add ane yaa, n ikut dong klo mabar

PSN: Eugolisk


Silahkan gan emoticon-shakehand

Nih uda dijawab sama agan eugol ya gan manbrotheking emoticon-shakehand

Siap gan emoticon-shakehand
udah nyoba ni game seru juga emoticon-Matabelo
add gan mabar ID PSN : choco_latoz emoticon-Malu (S)
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