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Your job applications are being rejected and you're wondering why ?

Your job applications are being rejected and you're wondering why ?

Just a while ago I was assisting my partner to screen and sort out incoming letter of applications and CV for new staff position in a private-corporate business. I was amazed on how younger people these days created and prepared their letter of applications and CV.. Sadly, their application went direct to “decline” and “regret” part in advance, due to some un-proper applications.

I am about to share some notes, tips and lesson learned to millennial generation, on creating a good CV and submitting letter of application for Corporate industry: Please take it as input/feedback, that might be useful for your future application.

1.     Please separate Letter of Application & CV into different documents as they are totally two different things. Yang satu adalah surat lamaran kerja, yang satu lagi lebih ke summary of your personal data.

2.     For application letter, please keep it simple but professional
-       Saya sempet pusing sama background surat lamaran yang warna warni, atau pakai background bergambar atau background yang so futuristic. Please, you are applying for formal/corporate industry.
-       No need to inform us the story/history of your parents (mama/papa saya dulu atau sampe sekarang menjadi pejabat di bla bla bla). Seriously. We do not care with that sort of intimate introduction as we would be more impressed on you qualifications & competencies.
-       Although some Companies think this is OK, to me personally, some quotes, wording prays in application letters are not necessary,
-       NO CAPITAL LETTERS PLEASE. Iya, bener, ada loh, dua pelamar yang melamar kerja dengan menggunakan semua huruf besar di surat lamaran nya. Bacanya aja udah males. Apalagi mau manggil buat interview. Pass deh.
-       Cobalah pahami, bahwa posisi yang dicari biasanya posisi yang sesuai dengan education background, experience, skills /competencies. Misalnya, cari PR, tapi background pendidikan dan pengalaman nya di IT/Procurement/Finance etc. Itu pasti nggak bakalan masuk seleksi. Kalau pendidikan nya nggak ada hubungan nya dengan posisi yang dicari tapi punya pengalaman yang lama dan/atau performance yang bagus di posisi yang dicari, paling tidak masih bisa dipertimbangkan.

3.     In general, the list of CV in your content should have:
-       Full name (slank or nick name is not necessary to be shared). Nama jangan pernah di singkat-singkat. Nama lengkap sesuai dengan KTP atau Paspor.
-       Gender, age, religion and marital status. Believe me, these information are also required by most companies - to get to know you better.
-       Full home address, email and mobile phone number(s) also necessary to be included in your CV. Ini juga penting, as some people sometimes ignore this part. Can you imagine, when your CV impressed us, but we do not know how to contact you? Tough luck lah.
-       Next, you could inform your working experience (starting from latest company to the oldest one and a bit of job brief/work scope).
-       Continue with education back ground (dari yang paling terakhir sampai yang paling awal), such S1/D3/D1, SMA/SMK/etc
-       Extra information on your organization experience and your hobby/passion and/or other skills would be an advantage to add on your value.
-       So remember, personal data, education background, work and organization experience are important. Otherwise, how do we know that you are qualified and fit for the job and position?
-       Format application letter/CV yang diterima oleh banyak perusahaan adalah words/pdf/jpg. Hindari pengiriman lamaran dengan format lain seperti ai/png dan lainnya. Kalau file nya nggak bisa dibaca, percuma, enggak bakalan di lihat juga kan surat lamaran/CV nya?

4.     Photo :
-       Post your recent photo, not photo when you were much younger.
-       No need to edit your photo. 360 or other instant beauty applications does not work here. We do not want to unable to recognize you when you come for interview
-       Post your OFFICIAL portrait photo please. A selfie is a big NO. I was surprised to get some applicants who used their selfie pictures while they were in the car, at the beach or during their holiday in front of Eiffel Paris as their formal portrait photo in the CV. Remember, at certain vacant position, you are representing the Company. First impression does matter.

There are much more finding that I find them interesting to be shared. Perhaps to be continued in other time yaaa…

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