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[EF COC] Less & More for Next Year
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[EF COC] Less & More for Next Year

Hallooohhh everyone..

It's December again..

To be honest, I do feel excited and scared in this time..

What did I do in this whole year?

End of the year also excite me to make new resolutions, wishes and hopes for the year to come..

I like to imagine things will work as I planned, and how nice is that when my dreams, hopes & goals in life finally comes true?

And then at the same time, I don't like to think about the universal truth that whatever I've planning for, life doesn't always deliver what I'm expected.

But, I can't lose hope right?
So I keep making a wish list despite not all of that is completed.

Nah, to participate in this event, I'd like to share my plan, hope, resolution, and maybe something which I will try to reach by next year.

Here is some of my resolution list:


Spoiler for zzZ':

Ahh.. I like to sleep so much.
I can sleep more than 8 hours a day.
Sometimes more than that.
Like this few days, I went to sleep at around 7PM and woke up at 5AM or later.
And there's still a time for me to take a nap in the afternoon.
That's really more than 8 hours a day.
Even my 5yo nephew can sleep less than me.

My plan for next year is, I want to sleep less than usual.
Cut off my nap time, maybe?


Spoiler for eating:

Just like how I like to sleep, I like to eat a lot too.
So I want to eat what I like.
Not anyhow food of course...
I will try to eat more healthier foods.


Spoiler for read me:

I have not read many book this year which I shouldn't.
There's a few books which I have not finish reading yet and hopefully I can read them next year.


I'm good in complaining.
As I get older, I should learn to be more thankful and less complaining.
So I will try to not complain too much starting next year.


Spoiler for do your homework:

Yes.. I am greedy enough.
I knew it.
I took a total of 9 online fashion course which I haven't finish it all.
It's been close to 2 years since the first time I took that course.
2 courses are done and there's 7 more to do...
I hope I can complete all.. or at least some of them by next year.
So I can live in peace without worrying that my teacher would look for me and asking about my assessment.


Spoiler for learning:

Sewing and dressmaking is always be my favorite thing.
Since I was a kid, I like to make beautiful dresses for my Barbie dolls.
But now I make those dress for myself.
I've never get enough of learning it because there's a lot of thing I should learn more and more.

Spoiler for not a barbie doll dress:


Spoiler for sewist:

It was on early January 2014 when I first learn Sewing.
I make many clothes for myself, my family, my friends and also my younger brother school's uniform.
Not long after that, I stopped making clothes because I went to work.
And now when I'm going to start making clothes again.. I feels like something is missing.
Just imagine.. for the past 4-5 years I never make any clothes.
I do remember everything how to measure, cutting fabrics and sewing but I need the old spirit.
So I'm planning to enroll sewing course again next year.

*you see.. how crazy I am about Arsenal. Even my sewing machine, there's Arsenal sticker pasted on it. emoticon-Ngakak (S)

Spoiler for goon's clothes:


Spoiler for ARS:

Arsenal is now something that exciting to watch.
I wish I can watch every Arsenal match if I'm not sleeping.

Just like this early morning..
I woke up at 3.30AM to watch the game.
Aiisshhhh... Arsenal should have won the game.



Since I will be a lil bit busy next year because of my plans and resolutions, I may spend more of my time doing all the homework.
That will make me seldom online.


2018 has been a wonderful year for me.. even though there's not many special moment happened.
There's sweat, tears, laughs, regrets, happiness and many more thing that I will not easily forget.
Well.. every year is always be a learning journey that I will miss them in the next following years.

Bye 2018 and Hello 2019..

I wish I can be healthier, smarter and happier in the years to come.


That is all my hopes for next year.
How about yours?

Let's share your dreams, goals, wishes and hopes for the next year by joining English Forum writing competition!

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Written by goonerettekw
Pictures : my own pics
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Everton please surpass the Arsenal ~
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