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Runes Of Magic (Myths of Taborea) Private Server

Runes Of Magic (Myths of Taborea) Private Server

Runes Of Magic (Myths of Taborea) Private Server

Permisi min, ane mau ngajak temen-temen bernostalgia dengan game yang 1 ini,
ada private server Myths Of Taborea

Server Features

All classes and races balanced

Dwarf available from the start

New Exclusive Mounts

New Exclusive Wings

New Zones (PvP, Battlegrounds)

New Events

Custom PvP Reward System

Earn free Diamonds through forum activity and our credit system

Server Location: France

Server Language: English, German, Spanish, French

New Player Pack

[Random Mount (7 days)]

[Mount Speed Potion (7 days)]

[Back pack (7 days)]

And many other items

Server Rates

2x Experience

2x TP

1x Drop Rate

1x Gold Drop

Other Fatures
Max Level 60
- Free Equipment level 55 (rare/ungu) full stated +6, weapon tier 7, + full runes (tinggal minta ke GM di forum/chat game/chat discord)
- Exchange gold to diamond / exchange diamond to gold 10x / day
- Jual beli di Auction House bisa pakai gold/diamond
- free item shop bonus 
- free spin item shop 1x/day
- new patch akan hadir akhir desember

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