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How to recover Google account

How to recover Google account

To make sure that you can never sign in, you can come back to your Google Account, add recovery information. Here is the process of Google Account Recovery.
How to recover Google account?
  • If your email or phone number is not filled in automatically, type it into the field labeled it and click Next.
  • Click Forgot Password on the password field
  • Title Recover Gmail Password Title Step
  • Enter the last password you missed then click on next
  • Enter a new password and confirm this in the labeled field.
  • Click Change password.
  • Click ACCEPT. Your password has been recovered and you can sign in to Gmail with it.

How recovery your phone no information helps you:  ·        
  • You have forgotten your password·
  • If other one is using your account·
  • If your account has been locked for some reason

Add or change a recovery phone number: At first go to the recovery phone section of your Google Account. You may need to sign in your account. Then you have to add your recovery Phone number. After that add or change a recovery phone number to next number. 
Then you have to recover which number to use: 
  • Use a mobile phone that: ·
  • Gets text messages·
  • This mobile phone only belongs to you·
  • You use regular and keep with you

Add or change a recovery email address: You have to go email section for recovery of your Google Account. Then sign in your google account. After sign in your account you have to do this thing. 

Add an email address which have to recovery. Then change or delete your recovery email and give your new mail id.
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