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[EF COC] New Year's LifeGoals Writing Competition
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[EF COC] New Year's LifeGoals Writing Competition

Hallooohhh everybody


It's December!

[EF COC] New Year's LifeGoals Writing Competition

In the spirit of celebrating the end of the year, it is common for us to challenge ourselves for some changes to be better in the next following year.

Spoiler for goals:

As human beings, we have hopes, expectations, goals, and aims in our life.
These things push ourselves towards the better version of us.

Hence without so much pre-talks, English Forum in Kaskus would like to invite all Kaskusers in competing to share your hopes, expectations, goals, and aims by manifesting it all to a thread.

Spoiler for dream:


The event aims at archiving all Kaskuser life goals so that it can become reflections for them in the next following year, commemorate the end of this year, and also to bring light to this deserted atmosphere in Kaskus.


● Life Goals Writing Competition: 05 - 25 December 2018. (ON)

● Adjudication and Assessment: 26 - 30 December 2018. (OFF)

● Winner Announcement: 31 December 2018. (OFF)


→ Create an interesting thread along with pictures or supporting videos.
The most important thing is that thread must be ORIGINAL (TEXT, PICS, VIDEO, AUDIO). Put up sources if available.

You can talk about hopes, expectations, goals, or life resolutions in the new year.
For example, you want to marry, buy new phone, bring your parent and family to a holiday, or want to graduate from the university next year, or basically anything you want about your life goal for the next following year.
Then, you can end it by your impressions for the year of 2018.

Here's the sneak-peek of how the thread may be →

→ Post your thread on English Forum with [EF COC] before your thread's title.

→ 1 ID may create maximum of 3 thread.

→ After you finish creating your thread, please post it here with the following formats:

Kaskus ID:
Thread's Title:
Thread's Link:

Kaskus ID: goonerettekw
Thread's Title: [EF COC] Less & More for Next Year
Thread's Link:


The Champion: IDR 350.000
Runner-up 1: IDR 250.000
Runner-up 2: IDR 200.000
Favourites Winner: 2 Winners and IDR 100.000 for both of them.

Winner Badge & Kaskus Merchandise for 1-2-3 Winners.

Badge for all participants.
*Min. 75 participants.


What are you waiting for? Put those hands on the keyboard and wish something up for the next following years!!!

Spoiler for happy new year:


Pictures: Google Images
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Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
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This post is specifically reserved to answer potential participants who are still reluctant or in doubt to join the competition because of the language barrier. This is a classic one in EF when it comes to organizing competition albeit we had successfully had it the first time this year only thing is, it was not a thread competition.

First of all, it seems peculiar if English Forum organizes a competition without using English as the language since that will simply stray from the essence of this forum. Thus, we need to be consistent in using it and consider this as a learning process along the way.

Now about the event. There's no way other languages are allowed to use here. However, I understand that everyone may have different level of mastery in English. That being said, bear in mind that the fluency is not the top priority assessment of this event but rather how the participants can compile their contents in terms of quality. Hence, simply saying that the level of English does not entirely matter on this competition. Therefore, what should be focused on is the content of your thread that will be the main ingredients of the assessment.

My point is, whatever level of fluency in English you have, just don't be afraid of joining it because that's only an excuse of saying you cant while actually you haven't given your best shot at this. Besides, I believe you have wishes and hopes for your future despite of the fact that you may not be able to share in English. But does it stop you from sharing what you wish for? I sure hope the answer is no. That's why I invite all Kaskusers of all level of English to join this competition.

Nb: Your thread will never be deleted, so if you have something to achieve for next year then you can check-list the thread once you'll make here. Ah, it's gonna be a gas.

Good luck for all participants and break your limits emoticon-Angkat Beer
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Diubah oleh goonerettekw
Learning english first,then come emoticon-Hammer (S) emoticon-Hammer (S) emoticon-Hammer (S)
Balasan post aldo.salam

This is exactly the kind of statement that will be responded by the later-edited post in #2
let me try this one

but not sure when i have free time to write emoticon-Malu
Post ini telah dihapus oleh Fadel999
guess u forgot the prime rule.. emoticon-Hammer (S)
the thread should be written in english..right?

Of course they must use English. Kaskuser are smart enough to understand without being told about it. emoticon-Big Grin
Anyway Thankyou for reminding us. emoticon-Kiss (S)
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I'm waiting emoticon-Malu

ahahaha... im not so serious at all sist.. no offense yaa.. emoticon-Kiss (S)

i'll be catch up later.. wish i could make a good one.. emoticon-Malu (S)
i'll try....emoticon-Thinking
I'm watching.. emoticon-Cool

Ahh.. I'm glad that someone is aware about it.. means he/she really read the whole thread carefully emoticon-Peluk

We're waiting.. please be our first participant emoticon-Wowcantik

Thankyou emoticon-Malu (S)


I'm waiting for you (emoticon-Ngacir Tubrukan)
Page one are still available emoticon-Ultah
noted this coc emoticon-Angkat Beer
My wish emmmmm emoticon-Wowcantik

Footprint now, post later emoticon-Paw
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