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Magento 2 Mastercard Payment - Support all banks - Landofcoder

Magento 2 Mastercard Payment - Support all banks - Landofcoder

In order to meet all your demands, we create a stunning extension which well supports for checkout process on website by Mastercard. After your customers have the mastercard payment method on website, they will be redirected to that payment gateway and make the payment in a snap-second way. Mastercard Payment Gateway supports both API for 2-party payment and hosted server for 3-party payment which gives more choice for customers when having shopping experience on your website.
Magento 2 Mastercard Payment - Support all banks - Landofcoder

 Link product:

Outstanding features:

- Merchant Service API for 2-party payments
- Hosted server/checkout for 3-party payments
- Support all banks (using VPC/MiGS)
- Supports all credit cards (depends on your Payment provider)
- Fully support Mastercard payment gateway services
- Enforce 3D-Secure
- Functional Checkout Page
- Easily select preferred payment method
- Support refund transaction payment online
- Avoid Empty cart on cancel
- Flexible save card for future payment Actions
- Change the logo/payment description in backend
- Compatible with Magento Community & Enterprise 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x
- Easy Configuration & Installation

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