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Crash!! — Life lessons.

1. Life Lessons.

Think of this life as a critical lessons. Yes, think of this life as it is. – Think of this life as a lessons to learn, before it's too late, before we face our own death. Think of the worst one. The one when we lost our mother in a homicide. The one when we lost our father in a plane crash. The one when we lost our whole family in a natural disasters; earthquake, typhoon, tsunami.

Think of this life as a critical lessons. Think of anger, hatred, vengeance and sadness. All the despair, all the sorrow, all the misery that we carry both in our own shoulders. Think of it. Think as if no joy nor buoyancy has ever occured in this short-paced-living. Think of the tears that fall, screaming out loud the hopeless romantic tale of a mankind.

The regret.

The heartbreak.

Think of all those unfortunate series of event. Think of it as it is the only part of our reality.

Think of this life as a critical lessons. The lessons that taught us so many things; financial bankruptcy—winning over a deadly disease. Saving one life's soul, and listen to all of those sound, listen carefully.

Now play that cinema paradiso's song while mourning and crying out loud.


Absorb, absorb all those desperate feelings, absorb all those desperate emotions into your chest. And cry, and cry like you lost it, and cry like you are at the lowest point on your life. And cry like you are having a mountain of weakness. And feel... and feel the frustration. Feel it loose. Feel it long...

Feel it like you have no joy to be shared. Feel it like you are nothing but've spent some useless journey, feel it like you wanted a suicide. A suicide that ends all your miserable yet pathetic life story. Feel it like it's been a vain all the way along.

Think of being an orphan.
Think of being a poor man.
Think of being a disabled person.
Think of being a blind guy.
Think of being unlucky.
Think of being lose.

Think of this life as a critical lessons.

Think of it, deeply...

Now think the opposite.

And smile emoticon-Smilie

Isn't life's just a magical realm, kid?


To be continued.
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2 - What's more expensive than life?

After thinking about this life as a critical lessons. We realize.. that, the homely smile on our face, blooming. It blooms and irradiate a tiny bit of freedom.

Yes, we smiled.
We smiled!

All those violence, mockery and bully are now a step behind, but not long gone. And yet, we could feel relieves of ourselves. Now, nothing could get closer to ourself than something neutral, something new, something zero, something that doesn't relate to anything.

Was that so easy? we asked.

NO, if we change the whole reality.

YES, if we change only our head.

Human, is a psychological product. In assumptions, we could turn a wolf into a sweet little rabbit just in time, only if we found the 'right reason' to turn that wolf into this tiny rabbit.

We, are born to adapt.
We, are born to change.
We, are born to survive.

We are a mechanical masterpiece of what thinking and what moving, and yet we decide everything that's come to our life.

So no matter how big a tsunami makes our life suffer. If we are lucky to be alive, we will walk.

We will starve to find foods. We wil normally look for a fresh set of oxygens. Nothing less, nothing more, then after taking such a long deep breath.

We begin, our adventure.
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2 - What's more expensive than life?

Well then.., the adventure begins.. with a simple question, and a question mark behind.

Then what it is?

That... is what more expensive than life?

Could we answer that question? if we could, then what is the answer? is it money? is it finding a black diamond of Sahara? is it having an old Berlinetta? Is it the net worth of a wall street company? is it owning a property on Connaught in London? is it having a mountain of gold with a mark of a Balinese dancer on it? is it wearing the heritage of bloom that are worth a hundred millions dollar as your charming necklace. (That could feed the entire block of Africa, literally.)

Is it you preventing a lethal strike of bullet going towards your head?

You pick one, and decide... what's the most expensive thing in your life.


But if our time has passed to face on our own death.

Then what is more expensive than life?

Is it life?
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2 - Life. The most expensive thing on earth.


It is so expensive that we could only save it and not making a new one. No godly figure nor wizard had ever reported to do a ressurection on instant. Not in a short period of time, not in a million years, or in the modern days. Nothing, except on those fantasy world and movies. (That we've always behold almost every weekend in the clownish cinema.)

The grandeur of life is so powerful that no one can compete with. Even the largest diamond on earth could not pay the dead to be ressurected and to be alive on that instant. That means, life, is no comparison to the things that ever existed on this earthly living.

Indeed, life is the most expensive thing, and nothing could overcome. Life has no rival. Except death, that is not even a rival of life.., death is the opposite condition of life. A different view on a different world far away...



So, what is more expensive than life?

I assume the answer is none. Which makes life stays as the most expensive thing that ever existed in this mortal living.
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3 — By having a life.

So, what is more expensive than life?

I assume the answer is none. Which makes life stays as the most expensive thing that ever existed in this mortal living.

Luckily, we all have that 'life'...

Glamorous, impeccable, splendid thing called LIFE!!


Aw, let's cut the bullshit. By having a life, that means we have full access to make it a good life or the ugly thing that keeps crawling beneath this majestic-universe. To make it simple, here's an explanation of that point in English; by having a life, we have full control (access, or any synonyms following) of ourselves.

To control either physically or... psychologically. I wouldn't be discussing this in a detailed manner, that is the next destination we should hop onto.

The fact is that, we have full control of ourselves while we're mountaineering to the top of the Himalayan mountain under the circumstance of an extreme and deadly poisonous snowstorm, what's it poisoning? our lungs, the small but lethal icicle that we inhale into our lungs, the next five minutes we'll get by, not us, but i, will get the frozen lungs and that is, my friend, is significantly a life-problem.

Not a slight one. But the one that bite you right in the main system that could strike you into death on instant.

That could drag you into hell, in the blink of an eye, like, magic, like, fuck you that's not happening. We don't want to believe it because it is bad for us, because we tend to say, "I'd rather have peaceful little afternoon in the Isla Alor in Indonesia," or, in Alor island whatever the commercial says it.

Different, right?

Yeah, laddie.

But the point is, by-having-a-life.

We have full control of ourselves, and yet, me and laddie (my boys) are still complaining about having a life, so is it the world that's too ugly? or...

we just think, and see, that this beauty living universe through our stupid-pompous-and-such-a-disgrace-low-class-human-thinking?

So what's the answer?

Well... please allow me to invite you..., to the journey..., of us, searching... for the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE!!


To be continued.
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4. — The meaning of life.

Well... please allow me to invite you..., to the journey..., of us, searching... for the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE!!

So here we are, me and my fellas, getting wild over the western part of Sumatra, wondering around in the middle of a deserted village, walking blindly, enjoying the fifty, or almost a hundred degree of daylight heat (i was just joking), getting sunburned real bad so that we could realize who is the actual king of this tropical country.

Long road.. tall grass.. intense sunshine at 2 p.m, i haven't say that? haven't i?

One day in 2007.

And we are walking, my friend, and we are walking. Me and these spoiled kid, my fellas, that somehow, will never be ceased to amazed me. My presence, here, specifically, are just to fight over thousand bullshits that those human have ever been arguing over the past decade, without the act of doing it, even just a tiny bit of matters.

The blabbering are always going into the clouds, hence no one has ever, had the guts to make it happen. So to make it simple, i am here to win, i am, being here, is to close the argument, finishing the deal between all the exhibition.

Exhibition. Cliche or not? i hope it's not.

But i solemnly swear that i was certain of a peculiar situation between this two stubborn person. (Rockheaded? absolutely, and this is a flashback to our past.)

"Uda jelas, aku yang lebi ngerti soal arti kehidupan, kamutuh nol besarrr... palingan kalo besok kamu ngak mamam eskrim, kamu nangis... mewek... hahahahaha."

"Enggak! wooo enggak terima." a girl just answered back.

That day, on above—be shown a cloudy skies, or the big-murky ancient clouds, in my dictionary of life. The thunder rumbles so loud—making the lightning strikes every once in a while. The four of us is at the level 30 of this magnanimous terrain. Name it a building, a hotel, a place to relax, the fancy couch and windows that could make you throw your sight into the spacious landscape on this humble city.

A city where we live. Located in the western part of Java, i was about to sleep on that three 'o clock in the afternoon. But then the fight continues... and it sounds precisely like this, "Iya, udalah uda.., Nata yang menang, orang dia yang duluan lulus JRP kann?"

"Kenapa kamu enggak mo bilang kalo aku yang menang? kan aku udah tamat baca buku bukunya Ishiguro!"

"Ngak jadi jaminan dong," he ward off, constantly.

"When we were orphans."

"Hm," he just hum.

"Never let me go!" she added more of the books that she have read.


"A pale view of hills!"
"Tuh, yang paling lama!" that girl is defending her own argument.

"Bla...bla...bla... Nata menang, aku juara dua, kamu yang terakhir." he respond while putting his finger—off that hefty-looking chin.

"Ihhhhh enggakkk!! pokonya aku mau, aku yang menang!" the girl gets angry.

"Ra, lo mau juara berapa deh?"

"I could be the last one..." i replied on the top of this bed.

"Okay, Nata juara pertama, gue kedua, lo ketiga, ini monyet, dia juara bontot, kita setuju ya?"

"IHHHHHH ASHBURNNN!" she yelled histerically.

*Crash* A thunder strikes. Thus it is making the rain falls. Dozens of waterdrops are seen on our windows.

"Ih, ngambek, awaslhoo, bentar lagi berubah jadi ogre.. hahahahahaha."

In my heart, i mumbled, "and i will never sleep....." but afterward, i whispered something to Nata, to his ears, then causing him to starts talking..

"Wey, dengekeun, nya! tipada maraneh dua'an garelut, mending urang muktikeun' saha anu jadi jawarana, mingu depan arurang ka Padang, aing mbung nyaho, maraneh kabeh kudu ngilu, nu teu ngilu, eleh!"

"Si anying loba bacot pisan..." he complain slowly, and then both of them are now sitting in silence.

Indo version: "Wey, dengerin, ya! gini ajalah, daripada lu bedua berantem, mending kita buktiin siapa yang jadi juaranya, minggu depan kita semua ke Padang, gw gamau tau, kalian semua wajib ikut, yang ga ikut, kalah!" said Nata with his Sundanese accent, raising his submissive voices—so high and so good.

"Si anjing banyak bacot banget..."

1 speaks Jakartans, 1 speaks Indonesians, 1 speaks Sundanese, the other one speaks English. You wouldn't want to believe, but that's us, showing the true meanings of human diversity in our friendships.

And this is just because, "The meaning of LIFE." or in Indonesia, it's being called as, "Arti kehidupan."


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5 — Cupang

And this is just because, "The meaning of LIFE." or in Indonesia, it's being called as, "Arti kehidupan."

By the moment when those two whistle-blowers is gapping in silent... i fell asleep. You don't wanna ask me of how much pleasure are we going to get when those two lovebirds are get along good without fighting over their judgments, unlike Tom and Jerry. It's, it's just, wonderful. Dont worry, I'll tell you guys about this later.

Anyhow, I slept because of school, and what it forces me to calculate a huge amount of number whilst realistically i am is a linguistic prodigy with some minor discalculation abilities.

Human. Yes, i'm a human.

And did i gave up my ass? on the beginning, i sure did... this is a first rank public primary school we're talking down here, not the one that did not demand a high responsibility from it's student. Yet a question appear, dealing a quick snap upon the brief of my mind, "What makes a kid stands as a brave kid?"

The answer is simple, it's a good parent. What else, fucko? cause they don't cut off their son's mentality. So instead of giving up the spirit, my Ma told me just to listen to those numbers and visualizing me and myself are building a linguistic castle that based on numbers, one by one, and so many millions combination. Care nothin', but listen carefully.

Then the problems are solved, in a good way, of course. Eventhough i didnt get an A+ in my math exam, (just some B) i dont fuck myself to go drown into the wrong butthole, that's math, pal, nobody stress theirself out of a math. Ok, perhaps somebody does.

And because, what could be more right to have a weakness over some advantageous capabilities?


So now, let's zip that rainy days drama and leave it behind. I need you to come with me to the part where i already told ya that we are getting wild over the western part of Sumatra. That's happened precisely in Padang... yes, a city called Padang, so who is that, whom says, "Yahooo, kita mau ke Mentawai, Mentawai!"

"Suara siapa itu anjing.." and one of our dude has gone criticizing. It's Nata.

I said, "Listen slowly, then you may know?"

"Pasti si Asbun." said another fella, who else? that must be Axel, whose merging over to join the war, our journey, to be exact. How can? well yeah, the decisions are free to be made, especially when we came from the same groups.

"Heh, Palma, sok sok an kaw cupang, besok turun izin dari Ibu jendral jangan peleng (gampang nangis) ya kao."

"Enak aja. Cupang itu apaan?" he asked back.

"Ikan etek (kecil), badan aja besar besok menangis kaw itu Palma,"

"Ay, sod off!"
"Gue buktiin sama lo.."

"Bah, sok kali.. kebanya'an di Jakarta."
"Nih lah, Rang, belom tau dia kita ini mao naek apa... banggsat dia ini memang..."

And so it begin ...
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— Building the survivor. A mental survivability.

— Only you has the privilege to punish yourself.
3's up.
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4's up.
5's up.
Slidin' into my home, perhaps, i'm wrongly behavin', long ago and far away. The big-old-starky mountain that lies beneath the ancient clouds. Being peaceful is a lifestyle, some people say.

Well, ain't that peaceful? the brown grass that springs into mind.., widely resonates, without a doubt. The wooden door, the rusty gate.. If only i could turn back time...

A long road just to be home... not the one that are less traveled. A house that was once, called a home for centuries. The laughter sparks, the smiles are gathered.

None shall prevail to change the weather, because weatherman is laying high on the blue sky that are shown above. Weatherman... what is the tone for today...
The laughing premiere is a tone of heaven, an incognito of well measured pleasure to laughing out loud to a joyous living exposure. So ladies & gentleman, welcome to The Laughing Premiere!
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