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Wizkid Best Music On Youtube

Nigerian music has really evolved especially in wizkid music. Nigerian music is not only accepted locally, but also outside the borders. This is due both to progress in the music industry, and with the advent of young and talented artists. Wizkid is one of the artists who released Airwaves for the most popular and downloaded songs. Wizkid has released a series of music videos that many people like.

The most popular wizkid music on youtube

Top 10 Most Popular Wizkid Songs
1. WIZKID - Come closer, Drake

Undoubtedly, “Come Closer” is one of the best music of wizkid and has paid off for the efforts that Wizkid has made recently, putting us in the first place on our list. In this song, a talented Nigerian boy works together with the world famous artist Drake. The high-quality music track and video is one of those songs that made Wizkid famous all over the world, and this is a convincing testimony to the talents of two talented musicians from different parts of the world who can work together. The track is made by SARZ.

2. WIZKID - show money (official video)

This is a catchy tune that made Vizkid Nigeria by storm. It was so successful as to give way and a rude feeling that the song was, and, therefore, strongly swayed, like a club hit. The song was released by Shiji.

3. WIZKID - Ojuelegba

Ojuelegba brings a new perspective in the form of music Wizkid plays. This is due to the fact that the song was written in “Legendury Beatz”, the home name of the Nigerian top-of-the-line songs. The sound was so good, and the American / Canadian rapper Drake had to make the cover of the song.

4. WIZKID - Caro ft. L.A.X
Karo also has massive views on YouTube. In this song, Wizkid worked with one of the best young musicians in Nigeria "L.A.X". The fusion of two lyrically advanced actions in addition to heavy afro bits and instruments is a phenomenon. This is probably one of the reasons why the song was so popular with its younger audience. In addition, the video for the song was beautifully made and an excellent factor that contributed to the success of the song.

5) WIZKID - Final (Baba Nla)
Baba Nla is a word in Yoruba, one of many languages ​​in Nigeria. It means a big man or a rich man. Here, Wizkids essentially sings how far he has achieved success and the wealth he has gained. Superbly created bits, whose recognition is also associated with Legedury Beatz, and which are imbued with the smart lyrics of Vizkid, in which every person who is strongly trying to succeed and get prestigious status are expressed. Undoubtedly, this piece is a club hit not only in Nigeria, but also in many African and Western countries.

6. WIZKID - Papa Yo
Collaboration with the Ghanaian singer and vixen "Efya" is a melody that slowly began to attract the attention of fans, but as soon as this happened, the song became mandatory for repetition. Interestingly, “Daddy Yo” is shot in America and the UK, which enhances a large number of hits on Youtube.

7. WIZKID - Jaiye Jaiye ft. Femi Kuti (Official video)
“Jaiye Jaiye” is a fantastic Afrobeats song, reminiscent of the sound of Fela. Working with one of the legends of Afro-Beats and the son of the deceased “Fela”, this song turned out to be a fundamental combination of sound from the new generation to the older generation. The song was well received by millions of willing fans, who also provided good views on YouTube and other media platforms.

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