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Torn between Plex and Emby how can I solve the one

Torn between Plex and Emby how can I solve the one

The grouping of TV shows. In Plex I download a TV show, and without any file renaming it kid what show and episode it is. With Emby it just didn't do it at all for me. Every new show had its own folder in the app. Even if I put the new episode in the TV shows named folder, it would still be separate unless I cleaned up the name. Is this something that'll like be fixed soon? In Plex I love how it just knows.
The reason I ask is cause Plex just started Acting up and it appears the problem I'm having is one they've ignored for a good two years and won't even comment on.
I see people recommending renaming programs but is that som[url=null]null[/url]ething I'd have to do for every file after I download or do I set it up once and it handles it from there. Because having to go to the server and edit the file name after every download is a deal breaker for.

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