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Graphics card issues

Graphics card issues

I just bought a new computer (device specifics below) and am having issues playing games where the games start flashing, screen goes blank or is covered in vertical lines. Sounds still plays in the background but the whole system is frozen. This makes virtually all games unplayable. Some times games will also simply minimize to the desktop like they have lost focus, but this does not happen as often. This only occurs when using the Radeon graphics card, when I use the integrated one none of these issues occur, whoever it is obviously much less powerful. All games are installed via steam.

This is my first time buying a gaming desktop, it is only moderate specs, but a decent upgrade from the laptop I had previously.

Aeon 2050 Gaming Desktop
Widows 7 SP1 Home premium 64bit
intel i5-4460 3.2ghz quad-core
1TB hard drive
intel 4600 integrated graphics
AMD Radeon R9 270X graphics card
500w power supply

Using Philips TV as screen

I have tried the following:
- different screen (no change)
- using different plug for desktop to avoid power issues (no change)
- drivers are up to date (Catalyst control Omega 14.12)
- monitored using catalyst control and Royal Flush, appears to be random flucuations in core and memory clock speed (from 1080 down to 450 and back up)
- switched cables (no change)
- completed windows updates (no change)

I have a basic computer knowledge, but am by no means an expert, so any help would be appreciated!

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