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Ternyata Begini Cara Internet Gratis Selamanya Tanpa Kuota

Ternyata Begini Cara Internet Gratis Selamanya Tanpa Kuota

Ternyata Begini Cara Internet Gratis Selamanya Tanpa Kuota

Selama ini belum ada yang tahu...!

Trik Cara Internet Gratis Selamanya Tanpa Kuota, menghubungkan langsung pin ke titik jaringan internet tanpa perlu menggunakan kuota internet. 

Bagaimana cara melakukannya?
Untuk melakukannya cukup mudah, silahkan lihat langsung video tutorialnya di bawah ini

Video Tutorial Cara Internet Gratis Selamanya Tanpa Kuota 
Link video :

Internet (short for interconnection-networking ) is a whole network of communication using electronic media, which are connected using a standard system of global Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol Suite (TCP / IP) as the protocol of packet switching ( packet switching communication protocols ) to serve billions of users in the whole world. The biggest internet series is called the Internet . The way to connect the circuit with this rule is called internetworking ("between networks").

The internet is a computer network formed by the United States Department of Defense in 1969, through the ARPA project called ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network), where they demonstrated how UNIX-based computer hardware and software can communicate within a short distance. unlimited through telephone lines.

The ARPANET project designed the form of the network, reliability, how much information could be moved, and finally all the standards they set were the forerunners of the construction of a new protocol now known as TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol).

The initial purpose of the construction project was for military purposes. At that time the United States Department of Defense created a scattered computer network system by connecting computers in vital areas to overcome problems if a nuclear attack occurred and to avoid centralized information, which in the event of war could be easily destroyed.

At first the ARPANET only connected 4 sites namely the Stanford Research Institute, the University of California, Santa Barbara, the University of Utah, where they formed an integrated network in 1969, and in general the ARPANET was introduced in October 1972. Not long after this project growing rapidly in all regions, and all universities in the country wanted to join, making it difficult for the ARPANET to regulate it.

Therefore the ARPANET was split into two, namely "MILNET" for military purposes and the smaller "ARPANET" for non-military purposes such as universities. The combination of the two networks was finally known as DARPA Internet, which was later simplified into the Internet.

The number of large and growing Internet users has created an Internet culture. The Internet also has great influence on knowledge, and worldview. With just a search engine like Google , users around the world have easy Internet access for a variety of information. Compared with books and libraries, the Internet symbolizes the extreme dissemination (knowledge) of information and data.

The development of the Internet has also affected economic development. Various buying and selling transactions that previously could only be done face to face (and very small part by post or telephone), are now very easy and often done through the Internet. Transactions through the Internet are known as e-commerce .

Regarding governance, the Internet also triggered the growth of transparency in the implementation of government through e-government, such as in Sragen district, which turned out to be able to increase regional income by utilizing the Internet for transparency in managing public funds and cutting down the bureaucracy so that Civil servants can also increase their welfare because the income of the regions increases sharply 

There is public doubt about the Internet which culminates in some controversy in it. Copyright infringement , pornography , identity theft , and a statement of hatred ( hate speech ), is unusual and difficult to maintain. Until 2007, Indonesia still did not have Cyberlaw, even though the academic draft of the Cyberlaw Bill had been discussed since 2000 by the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunications. The law that still has to do with information technology and telecommunications is the 1999 Telecommunications Law.

The internet is also blamed by some people because it is considered to be the cause of death. Brandon Vedas passed away due to narcotics use that went beyond the limit with the enthusiasm of his IRC chat friends . Shawn Woolley committed suicide because of being addicted to online games, Everquest. Brandes was stabbed to kill, and eaten by Armin may reply after answering advertisements on the Internet.
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