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Four held over ‘gruesome’ theft of dead man’s eyes from Chinese hospital
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Four held over ‘gruesome’ theft of dead man’s eyes from Chinese hospital

Four held over ‘gruesome’ theft of dead man’s eyes from Chinese hospital

Four held over ‘gruesome’ theft of dead man’s eyes from Chinese hospital
Four held over ‘gruesome’ theft of dead man’s eyes from Chinese hospital

Four people in central China were detained on suspicion of being involved with organ trading after a dead patient’s eyes were taken as his body lay in a hospital mortuary, Chinese media reported.

The man died of organ failure on Tuesday morning at Ningxiang People’s Hospital in Hunan province. When his sister viewed him later that day, she found his eyes were missing, Chongqing-based news portal said.

“A cotton ball was put in the left eye, while a surgical tool used to expand the eye socket was in the right. His eyeballs were taken away,” the woman wrote on social media platform WeChat.

“I feel so sad. It’s too gruesome.”

By Wednesday, a 30-strong team of police officers had detained four people for alleged theft and defiling a corpse, the report said. Some of them were mortuary employees.

Three of the suspects fled to Shaoyang, about 240km (150 miles) from Ningxiang, after removing the deceased’s eyes, police were quoted as saying.

“Initial investigations showed that it’s possible that they colluded to sell organs,” a police source said.

The hospital has started negotiations with the family of the deceased over compensation, according to the report.

There are 300,000 patients waiting for transplants every year on the mainland, while only 10,000 are carried out because of a shortage of suitable organs, People’s Daily reported last year.

China ended its practice of harvesting organs from executed criminals in 2014, leaving donations as the sole source for transplants. In 2015, 2,776 people across China donated organs after their death. This rose to 4,080 in 2016 and 5,135 last year.

Four years ago, the No 1 Intermediate People’s Court in Beijing jailed 15 people in the country’s largest human organ trafficking case for terms of between three and 12 years, Beijing Youth Daily reported.

From June 2010 to the end of that year, 51 people sold their kidneys at between 20,000 yuan (US$2,870) and 25,000 yuan each, the court heard. More than 10 million yuan in profits were made by the group.

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China's gruesome live organ harvest exposed in documentary

Four held over ‘gruesome’ theft of dead man’s eyes from Chinese hospital
Human rigts lawyer David Matas has spoken out about organ harvesting in China.

China's hospitals are harvesting the body parts of thousands of political prisoners and removing their vital organs while they are still alive, according to a harrowing documentary exposing the horrific state-sanctioned practice.

Doctors and medical students working in state-run civilian and military hospitals take up to 11,000 organs a year from donors under no anaesthetic to supply China's lucrative "organs on-demand" transplant program, say a network of invesitgators comprised of international researchers, doctors and human rights lawyers attempting to end the macabre abuses.

The documentary, Human Harvest: China's Organ Trafficking, by Canadian filmmaker Leon Lee, followed these investigators for eight years as they worked to mobilise international condemnation of what they say is a booming billion-dollar organ harvesting industry for the benefit of wealthy paying organ recipients.

Four held over ‘gruesome’ theft of dead man’s eyes from Chinese hospital
The long-persecuted and banned religious Falun Gong have been identified as key targets of China's live organ harvesting program in a documentary.

"When I cut through [the body] blood was still running ... this person was not dead," said one doctor of his first encounter with live organ harvesting as a medical student filmed by Lee.

"I took the liver and two kidneys. It took me 30 minutes," he said.

A former Chinese hospital worker and doctor's wife, whose identity was withheld, told Lee that her husband had removed the corneas of 2000 people while they were still alive. Afterwards the bodies were secretly incinerated.

China has the second highest rate of transplants in the world, with startlingly short wait times for transplant recipients of just two to three weeks.

But a recent Red Cross report found only 37 people nationwide were registered organ donors and harvesting organs from executed prisoners did not come close to accounting for the more than 10,000 transplant procedures performed every year.

Human Rights Lawyer and nobel peace prize nominee David Matas told Lee that living political prisoners make up for the shortfall, with the long-persecuted and banned religious group, the Falun Gong, key targets.

"Somebody's being killed for the organs," human rights lawyer David Matas says.

"There's no other way to explain what's happening."

Chinese officials have denied the allegations, claiming organ donors are volunteers. However, under China's president Xi Jinping, the government has vowed the program would we wound up by August this year, hanging the blame on former security chief Zhou Yongkang.

But Matas and his colleagues are pushing for the perpetrators to stand before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

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