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Restore Office 365 Backup data

Restore Office 365 Backup data

Restore your data backup through the  EdbMails Office 365 backup tool . Which helps you to restore your mailbox to any Office 365 account. This is a graphical interface that can undoubtedly be comprehended by the clients to effectively achieve Office 365 Restore data backup.

Features / Advantages of EdbMails  Office 365 Email Backup
  • AES 256-bit Encrypted, Incremental and Highly Compressed Backup
  • You can set the Private Encryption Key for the additional protection for your data
  • Save Office 365 Mailboxes backup on your local computer or on network / shared drives
  • Incremental backup: Only backup accounts will be added to your bandwidth, disk space and time.
  • Keep up to 30 incremental versions on your local backup
  • Highly Compressed and Incremental backups will enhance backup performance
  • The Granular backup of Office 365 mailbox can backup Emails, Contacts, and Calendar, task etc.
  • Configure backup in 2 clicks by using ease of use and user-friendly application interface.
  • Filter Office 365 Mailbox backup   by Date, Subject, Attachment, Email address etc.
  • Backup single mailbox as well as multiple mailboxes from Office 365
  • Office 365 Archive emails in PST format

Download from Official website:  EdbMails

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