If there is anybody who want to talk with Finnish guy, talking about finnish culture or maybe make business with Finnish companies - maybe i can help You. I'm a Finnish guy and businessman in long distance relationship with Indonesian woman.
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Hi Sam, we talk before on a Family topic. So is Finland is agriculture country?
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Sorry for delay. I missed your answer.

Actually there is lot of space and fresh air and lands in Finland but finland is mostly very hightech-country. Sure here is lot good natural products too.

more information:

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Thats ok, wow i always considered Finland is one of some great country to lives, but the only thing i knew about Finland is Jari Litmanen & Arvaladze brothers. 😋

So What took you to here (Kaskus) sam?
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Hehe, i never heard about these "Arvaladze brothers" emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
It must be spelling error because Finland is one of the most difficult language of the world. emoticon-exclamation I'm sure you are heard some other Finns if you are interested for example F1 sports and ...heavy metal music emoticon-Peace

As i told in family-topic earlier i have long distance Indonesian gf, so I'm interested Indonesia & Indonesian culture, habits, people...everything. I think this kind of forum is quite good place to introducing things. I hope i can live inn Indonesia some day and maybe do for example some business between Indonesia-Finland.
just taken off from vantaa yesterday. finnish ppl have awkward habit when waiting for bus / train. they stand far away (about 1 meter distance) from one to another.
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Ah sorry my mistake it should be Arveladze, & they from Georgia emoticon-Big Grin

Its not long distance Sam, its very long distance emoticon-Stick Out Tongue Well hope you could find what you need to know in here.
"just taken off from vantaa yesterday. finnish ppl have awkward habit when waiting for bus / train. they stand far away (about 1 meter distance) from one to another."

emoticon-Ngakak (S) You are perfectly right. There is book written about "special features" of Finns. Its called´"Finnish Nightmares" Here is one of them.Finlandia

May is ask what You did in Finland? Here is no many Indonesians.
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Moi, mitä kuuluu?

Hey, I want to ask about how Finnish guys on dating.
I know a Finnish guy, but he is totally different with general Finnish.
We've been talking for 5 months. And he always texts and calls me often.
But sometime he ignored me.
Is that sign that he likes me?
Or he just fools me?
And a week ago, he confessed that he liked me. Next month he is going to visit
Anyway he is quite young, 27.

I need your advice.
How Finnish guys behave to someone they like.
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Moi! emoticon-Smilie

I can only quess why your Finnish "bf" ignore you sometimes but i feel the same sometimes too. I think most of Finns need sometimes space, peace and quiet around them...Maybe it's long and dark winter that makes us bit shy and introvert sometimes.

It's difficult to explain, but northern man is much more individual as as asian man. He makes own choices (doesn't matter what mom or dad says). He choose his own path....and maybe he is seems to be "distant" for you too, sometimes.

Well, but i think Finns are one of the most reliable people in the world. Ask what he feels, i think he will give you direct answer. Trust your man, be equal with him. Don't treat him as a master, and he will respect and love you, forever.
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Finnish man sing no moonlight serenades to you. He doesn't promise you anything he can't keep. He show his love by doing something. If you dating online with him, maybe it keep him in him bit distant and make you feel he ignores you. But maybe he only can't show his best for you by doing something.

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