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Hi Semuanya,

Perusahaan dari US sedang mencari "Beauty Blogging" berikan portfolio mengenai perkerjaan yagn sudah dilakukan 

date line : 2 November 2018 setelah itu akan dilakukan pemilihan oleh perusahaannya dan bagi yang terpilih akan dihubungi
payment rate: US$15/hours

We are looking to have an article written by someone well versed in all things beauty and wellness. Essentially, we are looking for a “beauty blogger” who can produce rich & engaging content that will educate our consumers on a range of topics relating directly to services/benefits that iTAN provides. Furthermore, we are interested in a writer who appreciates a balanced amount of sunshine & enjoys both sun and spray tanning.

For this particular project, we are looking to have an article written that promotes the benefits associated with healthy living. Specifically, we would like for this to touch on the importance of maintaining a well balanced diet, exercising daily, achieving a balanced amount of sun exposure and otherwise living a well-balanced life. While we do not want to make any medical claims, we are interested in including how iTAN's services can be paired with a balanced lifestyle to look & feel one's best.

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