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Project - SEO Ranking ongoing

Project - SEO Ranking ongoing

Hi, Semuanya,

Perusahaan dari US mencari team atau individu SEO dengan beberapa criteria sebagai berikut
Penawaran service sampai : 1 November 2018

Looking a person or company with experience in ranking a website faster on Google.

I don't have the luxury to wait 3+ months to start seeing some good results, like I need faster results and our company will be willing to pay for them.

If we don't see results that are worth it, we will not continue after 1 month.

Our site is not currently ranked for the keywords we need help for;
our goal is just 3 keywords.

Goal is to get first page (not first position yet), but just first page of the 3 keywords within 3 months time or less.

After we see your performance of the first month, and we see good results.
We're willing to then spend up to $250-$500/m on the SEO.

But, for the first month we will be willing to trial with you on $100. After we see results, get ready to earn up to 5x that.

We only want SEO that complies with Google latest rules on seo.

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