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saya mendapatkan project kompetisi dari luar negri, yaitu membuat logo perusahaan deskripsi perusahaan ada di bawah dan dalam bahasa inggris, hadiah yang ditawarkan adalah AUD$90 bagi yang design logonya diterima, mereka memberikan deadline 11 november 2018 diharapkan disubmit sebelum tanggal deadline

hasil karya yang sudah jadi harus sesuai dengan format yang diminta (Mohon dibaca dengan seksama)
bagi yang designya tidak terpilih masih bisa memberikan penawaran untuk dijual kepada perusahaannya.
Hadiah : AU$90
Fee       : 12% dari total hadiah yang diterima
Entry    : FREE
Supported File : JPG, PNG, GIF

untuk keterangan lebih lanjut harap menghubungi head S&M kami di 
0813-8282-9698 (WA)
atau email ke

Company name: Colab Inspired

The slogan might mention sustainable leadership, results, growth or similar .... closest we have come to so far is "Sustainable Results Matter" ... some context:

We are a team of professional operations and project delivery consultants that are passionate about sustainable business growth, leadership and results. Our company stands for a collaborative approach to business transformation or start-up ... and firmly believes that all companies have a responsibility to not only their immediate employees and shareholders, but also communities, the environment, corporate bodies, government and any stakeholder that is touched or influenced by their operations physically and through services. We call this 'sustainable reach' - which is those things within your impact sphere.

This project is to make a minimalist, modern logo that will be instantly recognisable through various media types in print and digital and incorporates a feeling of our team .... which in essence is "grow to the benefit of all stakeholders" and never to the detriment of anyone or thing .. . we believe in the power of people and our ability to positively influence our sustainable reach.

Green is a predictable colour when mentioning sustainability ... but we want to steer clear of just being seen as "environmental" sustainability ... as there are so many facets to our operations and leadership of company strategy.

* The logo would ideally look great on a white, blacker coloured background.
* The logo needs to be simple and easily recognised.
* The logo should feel strong, fresh and be of a professional look.
* The logo may ideally have all or part of the company name (Colab inspired) as part of the logo motif. The work COLAB stands for both collaboration and company-lab.
* The logo will likely appear in print and online for digital campaigns.
* The logo will likely appear next to other company logos occasionally in different formats and on other peoples websites and colours. 
* The logo we had dreamed of originally had the infinity symbol ... but think this is done the death and would like something a little less obvious .. but maybe could be incorporated in a new fresh way? or not at all is OK too! 
* the logo does not need to incorporate the slogan
* The logo can totally rearrange, combine or whatever is required from the words "Colab Inspired"
* The logo can be an abstract design

For the right logo we would be looking to also develop our branding further with other elements after successful completion.
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