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How to find a new job?

How to find a new job?

How to find a new job? What tips can you share?
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Apply for jobs through naukri, monster, timesjob, shine, company websites.

Try to explore opportunities even through friends, relatives and teachers. They may know about some opportunities in the market which you may not know.

You should go well prepared for any interview if you want to get selected.

Many good candidates are rejected because they don’t handle interviewers & their questions well. Sometimes they blurt out something they should not say.
Firstly you need to create new professional resume. It is quite important if you want to get new work. When you start your job search again, start looking what those companies have to offer down the road as you move up in your career. That way your resume can show progress within one company instead of 3 or 4 entirely different organizations. I can recommend to search vacancies on Jooble. For example I found good nanny job for my wife here

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