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Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street
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Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street

Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street

Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street

A woman cleaner in China was beaten up by a couple when she tried to stop their child from taking a dump on the street.

The incident happened in Ruzhou city, Henan province, at around 4pm.

Asked parents to bring child to the public toilet

According to Hunan TV Urban Channel, the 66-year-old cleaner, Yao Xiang, just finished sweeping the streets around Mei Shan park when she saw a boy pooping on the streets.

Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street

She went forward and told the young parents to bring their child to one of the two public toilets nearby.

She also told them that if they did not want to, they could let their child do his business in a flower bed, adding that she would cover up the poop later.

However, the parents were not happy with her suggestion.

She recounted the incident:

“They told me: You’re just a street cleaner, what do you know?

They then started scolding me.

I retorted: I’m just telling you not to let your kid poop here, and you scold me?”

Another cleaner who saw the altercation said that the parents threatened to smear faeces on Yao’s face if she continued to stop them.

Parents beat her up after she spoke back

Incensed with Yao’s insistence for them to use the public toilet, the parents proceeded to beat her up.

Yao said that the mother of the child spat on her face, and rained a couple of blows on her head.

In a viral video taken by a passerby, the mother could be heard telling the passerby not to film the exchange, while the father could be seen pulling Yao’s hair after she fell to the ground.

Hunan TV Urban Channel reported that it was only after members of the public called the police that the parents ceased their beating.

They were later brought to the police station while Yao was sent to the hospital for treatment.

The doctor said that while Yao’s left hand was swollen, she did not suffer any fractures.

Yao had to stay in the hospital for further observation.

Parents to pay medical bills

Hunan TV Urban Channel reported that the parents would be paying for Yao’s medical bills, and hoped that she would forgive them.

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Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
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Online Outrage After University Professor Brutally Beats up Female Street Cleaner

A high education, but low morals – Chinese netizens are shocked by the violent beating of a female street cleaner.

Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street

A violent attack on a female sanitation worker has triggered public outrage in China, especially since one of the aggressors is a professor at the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology.

On October 4th, a netizen from Tianjin (@查派017) posted about a violent incident he witnessed that involved a female street cleaner and two persons, one being a professor from the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. The two allegedly beat up a female sanitation worker for blocking their way on a road outside the university campus in Xi’an. The person’s Weibo post about the incident was shared over 93,000 times within 24 hours, attracting ten thousands of comments from angry netizens.

“How much money do I make and how much money do you make?”

This is a full translation of the post*, which was published on Sina Weibo along with several screenshots of a video of the incident.

“On October 4, 2017, around 2 in the afternoon, a male and female college staff member beat up a female sanitation worker. I want to expose these two pieces of scum.” “I was just resting indoors when I heard a loud weeping coming from outside the window. I initially thought that parents were teaching their child a lesson, but after a few minutes, the crying grew louder and it did not sound like a child. From the window I then saw a female sanitation worker slowly getting up from a pile of garbage, while a woman was pushing her, yelling: "How much money do I make and how much money do you make? You’re now keeping me from making money!'”

Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street
Blood on the floor at the scene where the beating took place.

At this time, a man came forward to beat the female cleaner, and I shouted from my window: ‘You are bullying a sanitation worker, you are shameless!’

At this point, they discovered that other people were watching them, and they stopped what they were doing. The man wanted to back up his car and get away, but he was already stopped by some of the neighbors around.” ““As I rushed to the scene, the man shouted at me: ‘She let me beat her herself!’ The woman’s attitude was still bad. Before reporting to the police, I shot a video and told them I would expose them. Again their attitude changed, and at this time there were more and more people who were criticizing them. An older man told me that the man had hit the sanitation worker and that he had kicked her several times.

Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street
The female cleaner, whose identity remains unknown, was beaten, pushed, and kicked.

“While filing a report at the police station, there was a man who said he was the man’s assistant, and he explained to the police that the man originally came from the countryside but that he had lived in Japan and the US for some years before returning home and that he does not understand the situation here and that was why he beat someone.“==>BIADAB tetap aje BIADAB waaaa!!!!

Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street
The alleged aggressors were filmed by bystanders.

That infuriated me. As if he could just randomly beat up people in other countries? I also understood from his assistant that the man was a professor working for the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, that he was a doctor who had just been given a 10 million yuan project, and that he hoped we would not expose him. I heard that the woman works at the human resource department of Shaanxi University. I am writing this after just coming back from the police station – I hope to let everyone know that these kinds of worthless people are not fit to be a teacher.“

Of the thousands of people who commented on the post, the majority mainly criticizes the male professor involved in this incident and is enraged that someone with such a high social status would pick on someone so vulnerable. “It is the Mid-Autumn Festival and you are having your vacation while this sanitation worker is at work. How can you be so low, you have no humanity in you. As a professor, you are unfit to teach!”, one angry commenter wrote. “It is clear that educational background and moral standing are not directly connected,” another person said.

“Just suspended? Why not immediately fired?”

Shortly after published, the post triggered the so-called ‘human flesh search engine’ (人肉搜索), meaning that netizens worked together to identify and expose the persons involved in controversial incidents. One commenter soon came up with personal details of the man involved, stating he was a 38-year-old Shaanxi resident by the name of Ge who was indeed working as a professor and had previously lived and studied abroad, being connected to both the Kyoto Institute of Technology and the University of Oklahoma. On October 5, Chinese state media also reported the incident and confirmed it indeed involved a certain Dr. Ge who was a teacher at the Shaanxi University. They also wrote that the university has now suspended the man from his post and that local authorities are currently investigating the case. “Just suspended? Why was he not immediately fired?”, many commenters wondered. Chinese media have not reported on the status of the woman involved in the violent beating, but Shaanxi University has stated that she does not work at their institution, but is a family member of Ge.

“These kinds of people do not belong in education.”

Since the incident has attracted so much attention within just one day, the professor has apologized to the sanitation worker and her family through a letter.

Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street
The letter issued by the involved professor on October 5.

The letter was posted on the official Weibo account of the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, which wrote that “Mr. Ge has realized that his actions are terribly wrong, and is active in [arranging] medical treatment for the person involved.” The university also made a public statement that it strongly denounced Mr. Ge’s actions and that they were taking the matter very seriously. The apology-letter post also received over 25,000 comments within hours.

Many people say they do not accept Mr. Ge’s apology, anddemand that he immediately gets fired, writing that “these kinds of people do not belong in education.”

Cleaner in China gets beaten up for stopping boy from pooping on the street

Sanitation workers or street cleaners do not have an easy life in China, and face many difficulties. Although they are nicknamed “angels of the road” (马路天使), their working circumstances are far from heaven. Public cleaners in China generally work long hours and receive the national minimum pay. Normally there is no workstation for workers to take a break or recover from the extreme heat or cold. Working safety is also an important issue, as street cleaners are exposed to dangerous situations when cleaning roads with busy traffic. Street cleaners are often get injured or even die due to road accidents.

To increase public awareness and appreciation for the work of street cleaners, October 26 has turned into a special day in China to honor the country’s street cleaners and sanitation workers.

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