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Employment Visa and Work Permit in Bali

Employment Visa and Work Permit in Bali

Employment Visa and Work Permit in Bali

Bali offers various business opportunities, such as in lifestyle, hospitality, tourism, finance, and property. Working permit in Indonesia comes in several documents, including visas for temporary and permanent stays. Depending on your life plans, make sure to apply for the right form, especially since local entities and officials in Bali tend to scrutinize foreigners more.

Employment Visa and Work Permit in Bali

Employment Visa Types to Work in Bali 

Outside of tourist visas, there are several types of visas a foreign worker, business owner, or artist can get to work in Bali. They are:

·        Business visa
Business visa is issued for foreigners who visit Indonesia (including Bali) for business purposes, for more than 60 days. This visa does not clear a foreigner for employment, but it is eligible for things such as training, negotiations, short assignments, or seminars.

·        Service visa
Service visa is issued for foreigners who visit Indonesia for diplomatic or related purposes. This is usually issued for diplomats or any official representations of international organizations, such as the UN.

·        VITAS
VITAS is a temporary sticker visa issued for a foreigner who is already approved for staying in Bali for employment but has not earned Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS). The VITAS is earned after the foreigner receives Working Permit (IMTA) and telex visa (limited stay permit sent to the Indonesian embassy in the foreigner's respective country).

·        ITAS
ITAS is a temporary work permit issued for a foreigner who has earned his or her VITAS. Any foreign employee who has arrived in Indonesia for work must change his or her VITAS to ITAS. The acronym "KITAS" used if it is in the form of a card, and “SITAS” if it is an electronic one (can be accessed and printed from Indonesia’s immigration official website). ITAS may apply for six, 12, and 24 months.

·        ITAP/KITAP
ITAP is a permanent stay permit that can only be applied by ITAS holders. ITAP is valid for five years, making it easier for foreigners to extend their stay and work permits when necessary. This permanent stay permit is also available for foreigners who hold commissioner or director positions at the Indonesian companies that employ them or have been married to Indonesian spouses for more than two years.

All these visas can only be obtained after the foreigners earn working permit (IMTA). Foreign workers earn the IMTA after their Indonesian employers getting approvals for foreign worker employment plan (RPTKA) from the Indonesian government.

Employment Visa and Work Permit in Bali

Changes in Regulations to Earn Working Permit and Visa

Indonesian government in Joko Widodo era has created several changes in manpower-related regulations, especially related to foreign workers. For example, ITAS application process is now streamlined and easier, and can be done online (but the foreign workers still need to visit immigration office for passport stamps and making payment).

Foreign workers who bring their kids to Indonesia must get school sponsorship for their kids’ ITAS. This requirement is valid for kids who are turning 17 by the current school year. Also, if a foreign worker is married to Indonesian spouse that does not have Bali’s ID card (KTP), the spouse must change the original KTP to Bali KTP.

Working in Bali is a dream come true for many foreigners, especially with the more-streamlined application process for working permit in Indonesia. Make sure you know the right document to apply for before planning your move to Bali.
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Employment Visa and Work Permit in Bali

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