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Coding is not just a hobby

Coding is not just a hobby

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Sometimes I'm confused when people ask about my hobbies.
Honestlt, I have a lot of hobbies.
I like singing, cooking, swimming, taking photos, and more. As a child, I dream of being a spice maker and working in a five-star restaurant. So I always pay attention to my mother when she cooks, how she mixes cooking ingredients, and presents them so well that every eye that sees them will be interested in eating them immediately.

But one day, one of my four brothers bought a laptop to work on his thesis.
He looks always happy with his laptop. He can play music, videos, type documents, save documents, see lots of pictures, open the internet, or even things that I like the most so I often open his laptop quietly, which is playing matches. At that time I was already in high school in class one. At that time our assignments were mostly types of documents. That is, we must answer the question and then document it on a piece of paper. Of course, to do that, I borrowed my brother's laptop. And of course there will always be closures by playing games there. emoticon-Genit

There is boredom when I play games. I started thinking, what I usually do to fill my spare time. Ahaaa Cooking! emoticon-Wowcantik
Immediately I searched for a cooking game, and installed it on the laptop. I'm almost addicted. Almost. Until one day I got bored (again) emoticon-Amazed with the cooking game. I think that most existing cooking games have the same rules and goals. Monotonous. I want a cooking game that suits my desire. Then it crossed my mind, what if I made the game myself? And ... it's all started.

I started looking for information on how to make a game. Of course at that time all the information felt very strange. I never heard of it. However, I believe slowly but surely, I will understand and make cooking games that match my desire. And of course, when I was in the second grade, I was getting used to information related to game creation, programming language, framework, web and more. And slowly I began to lose my interest in games and cooking. I am more focused on matters concerning programming. And trying to learn some simple programming languages, web and games. When I graduated from high school, I was accepted at one of the universities in North Sumatra, the Del Institute of Technology. I took the Information Systems study program. In the campus we learn a lot about programming and do it every day. And there will always be assignments every night. Yes ... we call it night sports. Because if you don't submit, then your value will be zero. And it opened my eyes and my mind more about programming, web and games.
And this is where I am now, as an information system undergraduate study student and currently in the seventh semester.
seven semesters have been involved in the IT world intensively making me a hobby with coding, procedure, programming, web, and games.
I have participated in several programming competitions. And it feels amazing!
We have also created several web and applications based on the needs of our clients, such as farmers, inventory officers, canteen officers, hospitals.
This is fun! because I can use my hobby to help other people's work and of course make it easier for them.
Yes ... this is the core of the first coding I got.

For me, coding is not how much line code we have made. Not how much programming language we have mastered. Or how many frameworks or platforms we have tried.
However, the most important thing is how we can create something with coding, which can fulfill their needs, and help their work. So they can work effectively and efficiently.
Until now and so on, I believe that coding is how we help others by utilizing IT facilities.
If you are coding, but it's only to satisfy your thirst, or just to show off to others, and can't help others, then believe me you really haven't started anything yet. emoticon-Angkat BeerCoding is not just a hobby
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