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Chinese Pigeon Racers Cheat to Win, Send Their Birds on the Bullet Train
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Chinese Pigeon Racers Cheat to Win, Send Their Birds on the Bullet Train

Chinese Pigeon Racers Cheat to Win, Send Their Birds on the Bullet Train

Pigeon racing remains extremely popular in China, especially among the older generation. It turns out that age does nothing in terms of diluting the desire to win – at whatever cost, even if that means cheating.

Chinese Pigeon Racers Cheat to Win, Send Their Birds on the Bullet Train

So, 2 men who participated in a recent race in Shanghai have been charged with and found guilty of fraud, NDTV reports, citing the state-run Legal Daily. Gong and Zhang have admitted to their wrongdoing and have already returned the money they won in prizes, which is the only thing that kept them from doing time behind bars.

Desperate to win the race, the 2 men decided to put their birds in milk cartons and have them travel by bullet train to the destination, instead of, you know, actually flying there. The one thing they didn’t consider was that getting to Shanghai by bullet train was faster than having the birds fly there, and this is why organizers became suspicious.==>maka nyeee Dupa Heads banyak yg sekolah di U S A agar cerdas waaa!!!!

Otherwise, they planned their “crime” in advance. They raised their birds at 2 feeding stations, in Henan and Shanghai, to help them become accustomed to these locations. They were supposed to fly from Henan to Shanghai, over a distance of about 750 kilometres (450 miles).

When the race started, the 2 handed their birds to organizers in Henan, who set them free. Instead of flying to Shanghai, though, they went to another feeding point in the province, where they were neatly packed inside milk cartons. The men boarded the train with the cartons.

When the train arrived in Shanghai, the men set the birds free, just in time to fly to the finish line. Together, they won the first 4 top prizes, totaling more than 1 million yuan ($150,000).

The men were fined for cheating and for breaking the competition rule of using older pigeons than 1 year. If they commit any other crime, they go to prison for fraud, but otherwise, they’re looking at 4 years on probation.

haiyaaa ciilaaka luuwa weelas waaa

Klo gak nipu nama nyeee bukan SICKmen of Asia waaa!!!!
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!

kulihat lu org tolol sampai skrg otaknya tak update krn masih pikir China adalah Sickmen of Asia..

China itu bukan lagi Sickmen of Asia.
China itu satu2nya di asia yg dianggap mampu gantikan dominasi amerika (barat)

hahaiyaa,. .dominasi junjunganmu bule barat amerika (barat) udah memudar
step by step digantikan oleh china ,ras chinese yg paling dibenci olehmu
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Chinese Pigeon Racers Cheat to Win, Send Their Birds on the Bullet Train
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junjunganmu bangsa eropa kulit putih juga mengemis bantuan pada chinese yg lu hina sickman of asia
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Help us out, Europe begs China:
China Menguasai Eropa Sejak 2005
junjunganmu bule amerika (barat) juga masih utang duit pada chinese yg lu hina sickman of asia]
Ada saja akal bulusnya emoticon-Ngamukemoticon-Ngamuk

Balapan burung dara eh elu malah komen soal ekonomi, berita basi lagi emoticon-Wkwkwk

Ahyan oh ahyan emoticon-Wkwkwk
Ayan ini kapan pintar nya ya?
Anjay kreatif emoticon-Leh Uga
kalo ada berita aneh bin ajaib pasti dari cina atau india
heran gw ini orgnya pada kreatif amat yak emoticon-Ngakak


Iya tu india kreatip amat.

nipunya main scam IRS (internal revenue service) USA via telepon..bijimana coba india telepon ke amerika

dasar pekok ni orang... emoticon-Ngakak
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Data beberapa tahun lalu yang sudah kadaluarsa masih diposting saja..

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