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Secondary life

KASKUS remind me while i was teenager. I spent lots of time to this forum, meet and socialize with stranger.

It really heals me while i suffered mental health problems. This forum are still awesome .

Theres no anything to say. But love peeps xoxo
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May I ask a question? emoticon-Malu

Are you there on your avatar? And which one are you if true? emoticon-Malu
Hello 2009 account emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
So did me. 9 years way back i was just a lil' kid, searching for some toys and games on here, using my sista account emoticon-Embarrassment

Welcome back to the ship then emoticon-army
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I started to write on Kaskus from few years ago if i'm not forgotten, i find it was much and much happier to read others confides, stories, experiences or all the things they want to share. Even i dont know them but to give advises and discusses for all things are very interesting me a lot!! I feel all audiences in Kaskus are really helpful and i love it. Nice forum, nice community for Indonesians..
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Does it allowed if we post our true photo here? I still do not know the rules..

No rules stated that it's disallowed for you to post your pic here, however, by ethic you should be more careful in posting your picture on the internet emoticon-Malu
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Correct, like some says, be wise in using social media.

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