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Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
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Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding

A Chinese restaurant operator is in hot water after local media reported that a customer discovered a dead rat in a meal.

Shares of Xiabuxiabu Catering Management China Holdings Co. tumbled as much as 11 percent in Hong Kong on Tuesday, extending Monday’s 6.1 percent decline. Authorities in Weifang city, in east China’s Shandong province, are conducting food safety checks at one of Xiabuxiabu’s restaurants there. Local website reported after the market closed Friday that a customer found the rat in a hotpot meal on Sept. 6.

In a Sept. 8 statement on social media site Weibo, Xiabuxiabu said its own preliminary investigation ruled out the possibility the rat ended in the meal due to restaurant hygiene or operational reasons. The statement has since been deleted.==>ngaku jorok thoo!!!!

Authorities have ordered the restaurant to suspend operations, according to a statement on their official WeChat account, which also said the restaurant faces penalties, without elaborating.

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding

While there’s never a good time to find a rat in your meal, this comes just as Xiabuxiabu becomes eligible for trading by mainland investors via the stock connect link between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the changes on Monday.

Xiabuxiabu didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hotpot is a popular meal in China, where diners add meat and vegetables to a soup simmering at their table. Yihai International Holding Ltd., which supplies flavorings to Xiabuxiabu’s competitor Haidilao International Holding Ltd., rose 2.3 percent in Hong Kong. Haidilao is seeking to raise at least $10 billion via an initial public offering in the city.

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Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
Di china pernah jg pengunjung mengeluhkan ada air menetes ternyata sumbernya dr bangke tikus. emoticon-Najis
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Balasan post rocky.gerung

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Maka nyeee SICKmen of Asia yg mampu kabur dr negara mereka waaa!!!!

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Restaurant diner's horror after 'liquid from a dead rat' drips from the ceiling into HER FOOD

Ms Yu was dining with her boyfriend in China when the incident occurred
The couple looked up after noticing 'water dripping onto their plates'
They were shocked to see a dead rat with liquid drooling from its mouth

A woman and her boyfriend claimed their dinner was ruined after a dead rat got stuck above their table with liquid dripping into their plates.

Ms Yu, 28, said she noticed liquid coming from the ceiling at the restaurant in southern China, and she had thought it was water leaked from an air conditioner.

However, she was horrified to discover liquid actually came from a lifeless rodent, the furious diner claimed to reporters.

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
Ms Yu and her boyfriend went to a restaurant for lunch in Changsha, south China on May 14

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
Ms Yu noticed water dripping from the ceiling and thought it was leaked water from an air-con

According to Xiangtan News, Ms Yu and her boyfriend travelled from Zhuhai, Guangdong Province to Changsha for business and went to a restaurant on May 14.

Security camera footage captured Ms Yu looking up to the ceiling while having a five-course meal with her boyfriend.

Believing it was just leaked water from an air conditioner, the couple complained to the waiter and asked them to look into the matter.

'There was a dead rat lying on a metal grille and it was either saliva or some sort of secretion drooling from the rat's mouth,' Ms Yu told Xiangtan News.

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
The couple was shocked to find a dead rat trapped at a metal grille right above their table

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock SlidingDead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
Restaurant owner said they did not spot any dead rat during cleaning works in the morning (left). Officials issued a notice to order the owner to improve its environment (right)

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
Ms Yu, pictured, demanded Mr Chen to pay for her extended stay and medical expenses

Restaurant manager Mr Chen took the pair to Hunan People's Hospital for blood tests as the couple feared they might face risks of food poisoning.

Doctors did not find any signs of food poisoning, but recommended the couple come back in a week's time.

Mr Chen explained to Ms Yu that the restaurant's staff cleaned the space every day and they 'did not notice any dead rats in the morning'.

'The rat could have been trapped to death or electrocuted after 11am,' he added.

Ms Yu had to extend her stay in Changsha for another seven days and the accommodation expenses are due to be paid by Mr Chen.

Mr Chen also said he would compensate the couple 2,000yuan (£233) to cover their medical expenses.

Ms Yu and her boyfriend have submitted a complaint to the local Food and Drug Administration.

The restaurant's boss has been ordered to have his shop sterilised to meet the hygienic standard

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
2011 itu terakhir x gua ke cina

Gak mau ke sana lagi
Ghanaian Journalist Orders Chinese Man To Pick A Trash He Dropped (Video)

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding

A Ghanaian journalist has got himself trending on social media after he asked a Chinese national to pick up a can he dropped into a drain.

In a 27-second video that has gone viral, Erastus Asare Donkor, who works with with Luv FM, is seen ordering the Chinese man to take out the can which he had earlier dropped in the gutter.

He continued to insists and ended up forcing the Chinese man to descend into the gutter to pick the trash with his hands.==>najiss

Ersatus later took to Facebook to post a video of the incident, insisting Ghanaians must not allow foreigners to come here and litter our drains and gutter with trash.

According to him, such things cannot be done in Europe, Asia or anywhere outside the continent and therefore others should not also be allowed to exhibit such habits in Ghana.

He posted the video accompanied by the comment:

“So I was driving with Frank Aboagye Danyansah and we spotted this Chinese national dropping a can in the drain…so I told frank that we must not allow this man to repeat what our own are doing to our environment.

“So I parked and we ordered him to pick up his trash. Don’t litter the environment. drains are not waste receptacles please.”

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Restaurant loses $190m in value after dead rat found in soup

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
The dead rat was fished out a pot of boiling broth

A popular Chinese restaurant chain has lost around $190m (£145m) in market value after a pregnant woman found a dead rat in her soup.

Hotpot restaurant Xiabu Xiabu's stock hit its lowest level in almost a year, after photos of the dead rat being fished out of the broth with a pair of chopsticks quickly spread online.

The outlet in Shandong province has now been temporarily suspended.

The outlet reportedly offered her 5,000 yuan (£559, $729) as compensation.

According to local news outlet Kankan News who spoke to her husband - identified as Mr Ma - he declined the offer, as he wanted his wife to undergo a full body check-up before deciding on a compensation amount.

The pregnant woman who had been out for hotpot with her family on 6 September, found the dead rat in her meal after she had already taken a few bites from the dish.

Mr Ma also alleged that one of the staff had suggested his wife get an abortion if she was worried about the baby's health, and offered him 20,000 yuan for the procedure.

Photos of the boiled rat quickly spread on Chinese social media site Weibo, where users reacted with anger and disgust.

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
The dead rat was lifted out and put on a plate

"I feel like vomiting. I'm never going to eat hotpot outside again," said one user.

On 11 September, the company's share price hit its lowest level since October last year. As of Wednesday, the hotpot restaurant's market value is slowly recovering.

"Xiabu Xiabu has always been one of my favourite restaurants, I thought they were quite clean as well... I can't believe this," another commented.

"If something happens to her baby how are they going to compensate her? Is a life worth only 20,000 yuan?" one asked.

Dead Rat in Hotpot News Sends China Restaurant Stock Sliding
Customers enjoying hotpot at Haidilao, one of Xiabu Xiabu's rival competitors

The restaurant initially put out a statement on Saturday saying that it had "ruled out" the possibility that a lack of hygiene had caused the rat to end up in the hotpot, but later deleted it.

Authorities in Weifang city, the restaurant branch where the rat was found, said they would conduct investigations into Xiabu Xiabu's restaurant.

Hotpot is a common meal in China and across other parts of Asia.

A simmering pot of hot soup is placed at a dining table and various vegetables and raw meats are then placed in the pot to cook.

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Pantesan virus flu burung H5N1 asalnya dari China, wong joroknya bukan main.
pantesan pada berak sembarangan dimana-mana makannya makan tikus emoticon-Najis (S)

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Lah itu tikus kan emang bagian dari menu, koh?

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