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Best Flavors Make Show E-juice For This Season

Best Flavors Make Show E-juice For This Season

Hey guys. It's a long time since I introduced you some types of naked 100 e-juice last time. So I think maybe you'd like to try some new flavors recently. Today I'm gonna bring you two types of new flavors e-juice from Make Show. Both of them are formulated with nicotine salts and in stock now. Next let's have a sneak peek.

1. Make Show Salt Strawberry Kiwifruit Yogurt E-Juice

Make Show Salt Strawberry Kiwifruit Yogurt 60ml E-Juice is Strawberry, Kiwifruit, Yogurt and has nicotine concentrations options of 25 mg and 50 mg. This vape juice flavor is formulated with nicotine salts.
Best Flavors Make Show E-juice For This Season 

2. Make Show Salt Honey Pomelo E-Juice

Make Show Salt Honey Pomelo 60ml E-Juice is actually saltnic fruit e-juice; its e-liquid flavor is absolutely crazy. After one puff of this insanely sweet mind-blowing flavor, and you will find yourself being carted off to the loony bin after going nanas over this vape juice. This mix comes in a variety of nicotine levels: 25mg and 50mg.
Best Flavors Make Show E-juice For This Season 

Size: 60ml
Nicotine Avail: 25mg, 50mg

Would like to try the new flavors e-juice? Order them from the vape online shop now:

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